Wish List Meme

I was tagged for this meme recently by Julie at iloveyouSObig.

Here are the instructions: Post two wish lists: 5 material wishes and 5 spiritual or more meaningful wishes. Invite five other bloggers to play along.

Okay, here goes:

Material Wishes:

(This will be easy…they all have to do with my home!)

  1. New shingles!
  2. Siding, so that scraping and painting can be a thing of the long distant past…
  3. Lumber to finish our deck project that we started last spring!
  4. Heating/AC for our attic/upstairs. We have two finished bedrooms up there and would like the extra space. Currently our three girls are sharing one bedroom. Thankfully, it’s a big bedroom, but they want to move upstairs!
  5. Paint and wallpaper for a much needed kitchen renovation! And the hootspa to get it done!

Spiritual Wishes:

  1. To be a godly example to my girls, so that they *want* to follow the Lord and have hearts for home and family
  2. To spend more time in God’s word
  3. To develop a deeper prayer life with dh
  4. To have a family ministry–even a short term missions opportunity
  5. That God might be glorified by my writing and my life

Okay, instead of tagging five bloggers, I’m opening this up to any of you who want to respond. For those of you w/o blogs, just leave your wish lists in the comments section! Can’t wait to read yours!

8 thoughts on “Wish List Meme”

  1. Material wishes:

    1) To find the house we want to be in, close to DH’s work so we don’t have to spend so much on gas and DH doesn’t have to spend 2 hours in driving to and from work, but still in the country…no more moving ever would be nice!

    2) I don’t know if this is material but to start our family growing…I know DH wants more kids so badly and I just know that LO would be SO happy with little brothers and sisters!

    3) To sell our truck now, and make enough to be able to get me my SUV…LOL so I guess number 4 would have to be:

    4) cheaper gas prices, so that even if we did live far from work still then it wouldn’t be costing us a fortune each month in something so pointless…

    5) Hmmm…I know I should do something for LO, but the little guy has more than enough toys and that seems to be all he wants or needs (other than buddies to play with them!)…so either a sewing machine (along with the skill) so that I can start making clothes to suit how I want to portray myself (not much extra money since buying houses…so I have alot of old stuff that just isn’t Me anymore)…however, should the sewing machine not be on the way, then a new wardrobe LOL…skip the sewing part…since I haven’t yet gotten the skill. (PS-Mary DH was a little scared to get me one at Christmas since he was lost as to what to get…so he has left it up to me if I want to pick one up I can, but I haven’t yet wanted to since my birthday is coming up and I feel bad spending so much on me for no reason).

    Spriritual Wishes:

    1) To develop a closer relationship with God.

    2) To be a good role model to my son and help him to develop a close relationship with God. I want so badly to influence him how my parents did me. I had my little rough patched in the growing up phase, but in the end my relationship only deepened with God. So if I could raise my son to have that I would be SO happy!

    3) To have some effect on DH’s religious outlooks (which are non-existent as of now). However, I have hope that, over time, he may come to see the Light!

    4) That God will Bless DH and I with more little Blessings.

    5) That I will grow with grace, love and peace to become a better woman. To overcome all my past issues and look only forward, forgive past wrongs and sins and, since forgetting is impossible, to learn from them to mold me into the woman God wishes me to be.

  2. Awesome answers, wow! I pray that God blesses you and yours in each of these areas, Geri.

    What is gas costing in your area? It’s $2.95/gallon here. Thankfully, dh has a company truck with gas paid for, because he also has a longer commute (45 minutes each way).

  3. Thank you!

    Wow you guys are lucky that work pays for it! Hmm…I’m not sure what it is a gallon…but it’s around $1.20/Litre (+/- a bit since it changes daily).

  4. Well, somewhere I read that there are 3.79 liters in a gallon…so that would be PRETTY spendy! Yikes. And we hate for it to go over $3/gallon here.

  5. I know what you mean about wanting your daughters to follow in your steps and have a relationship with the Lord. It has not been lost on me that my daughters are learning how to be wives, mothers, women and christians by watching me.It’s a heavy burden.

    Julie’s last blog post..Monday Meditations

  6. Yes, because they are more likely to pick up on our bad attitudes than our good ones. πŸ™ So if we gripe about laundry and dishes…or complain about wanting money for this or that…

  7. Material:
    1. New roof
    2. A yard we could have weddings in
    3. A new car that gets good gas mileage
    4. A bigger house, but same location…
    5. Be debt free

    1. Have all my children saved and following God with everything they have
    2. Have at least one of my son’s in full time ministry someday
    3. Be able to have the time to possibly get a Bible School education online someday (for me)
    4. For my husband to realize his dream of teaching and mentoring young men full time
    5. To have God say “Good and faithful servant” about me someday

  8. Wonderful answers, Cena. Sharing our spiritual longings with each other is so encouraging. I think we all want much of the same blessings. To know our children will love God and walk in truth, what more could we as moms want? I, too, have always thought it would be special to get some Bible school training in. Who knew it would ever be so easy as to be able to do it online?

    A yard to have weddings in…oh wow, now you’ve got me to dreaming! And in CA, you’d have many fair-weather days to back up such grand plans!

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