Tempting Me

Is anyone else longing for Spring?

I’m so fickle! I love the cozy, house bound days of winter. Snow outside, me and mine inside. Good times. But yesterday as the temperature inched into the 60’s, a part of me flung itself open wide and got drunk on fresh air!

I actually lugged our TV/VCR out onto the deck and did aerobics with an old tape of the Fitness Beach ladies while the girls frolicked in the mud yard, resurrecting last fall’s sandpile toys and leaping for joy on the lonely trampoline.

Two days before, our most recent snow fall had just melted into oblivion. Last night we had the grand mafia of thunderstorms. Today the snow is supposed to fly again. I look around me and see a house in need of Spring airing. Children in need of vigorous, rousing outdoor fun. A husband getting too old to work outside in single digit temps for weeks at a time. And then there’s me, craving an outdoor living room.

Winter, my friend, have mercy on me. Till next December.