When You are Cut, Do You Bleed the Bible?

We’re finishing up our A Life Well Lived DVD Series (Tommy Nelson) and last week, Tommy shared a quote from Spurgeon, something similar to my title, I tried finding the exact quote, without success. But be sure to check out the link above for many thought-provoking quotes of C.H. Spurgeon’s.

The point Tommy Nelson made, was that reading/studying the scripture is so important. If we don’t make it a priority, then we’ll be at sea when the trials come. And it isn’t enough to rely hearing it once a week on Sundays. His encouragement went something like this (again, from my notes, not verbatim!):

“Moses came off the mountain and told the people what he’d learned–their faces didn’t shine, his did. He’d been in the presence of God.” (Wo-ow!)

Rev. Nelson then challenged us to:

“Live life on purpose! Get up at 6 A.M., and get you an addictive substance.” (That would be coffee) “5 pages a day will get you through most Bibles in a year…”

This is an area I yearly fail in. I see the blessing of reading the entire Bible in a year, but often I get in a rut of reading quickly for the sake of getting in my daily quota. I’m much more likely to stay in my favorite New Testament passages, and just take my time with them. The problem with that is, I’m missing out on having a familiarity with the entire picture. So much of the Old Testament is needed for the New Testament to make sense…

What are your thoughts on this, and have you any encouragement for those of us who struggle?

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