Wind-bitten, Home-smitten

There’s no place like inside on a day like today! I know, because I was just out there slogging through the mud and snow, doing chores…fighting the North wind and getting exfoliated by fresh snowflakes in the process!

It was looking good this morning, with temps in the 40’s, we hit the schoolbooks hard first thing, and spent the afternoon tucked on the couch, under our biggest plaid fleece, reading to the whistle of wind and flapping plastic on our drafty farmhouse windows. Oldest and I dragged ourselves from the coziness for a quick lesson on how to use the bread machine, and then back we went to join the other two…but only for an hour, long enough when waiting for a thick slice each of steamy hot bread begging for butter. Mmm, you bet we indulged!

I’m waiting on dear hubby, he’s had a longer than normal day at work…at least when he gets here he’ll find hot chicken and noodles and his chores done. He deserves it, with the weekend he had!

How’s your weather, your health and your life? Are you getting enough home time lately?