Farm Life

Junk for Cash

It seems my dh’s tendency to overhaul engines and rebuild trucks is paying for itself. And to think all these years I’ve just wished parts of our property didn’t resemble that 70’s show, Sanford and Son…

The going rate for scrap metal in our area is $135/ton…I guess China is building a dam, and they’re paying really well for scrap metal with which to fill it? Whatever the reason, I’m happy. Bye-bye garbage truck and bed, bye bye ’86 and ’74 Ford skeletons, and motorcycle parts and a toooon of other things…off my property! Nothing like cold cash to motivate…

I’ve been outside slapping hubby’s hand every time he thinks about salvaging an engine or part, and he’s been having a blast with his dad’s chopsaw. We sold one load last week and have the trailer half loaded with another.

I never thought I’d be glad we had so much junk! But I’m so glad we’re finally moving it on out of here…(actually, glad is a very tame word for the euphoria that is settling in!)

I’m sure there is a moral to be gleaned from this trash turned treasure story…not that any of you have spare garbage trucks sitting around (if you can cut them in pieces they’re worth $200/ton!)–dh bought “ours” for the price of the rebuilt engine. Unfortunately, we had to take the whole mess in order to have the engine. *eye roll*

But there you have it! The decluttering has begun!