Have a Blessed Easter!

The croissants are bagged up, the scalloped potato casserole is ready to go…I’m so looking forward to our church’s Easter service, and lunch with all the family at my parent’s home, where we’ll enjoy my mom and two older sisters’ unsurpassed culinary skills!

I love the song by Bill Gaither, Because He Lives. Talk about perfect for Easter. I hope we sing it today at church. All yesterday it played in my heart. I can’t get over the fact that God sent His son to die for me! He had me in mind. He would have sent Jesus–and Jesus would gladly have come–to die for me, if I’d been the only sinner on earth that needed saving. Can’t fathom that kind of love. I think there is something deep within all of us that feels we have to earn or deserve love. But wa-ay back in eternity past God was thinking of me. Long before my daddy was even a twinkle in his daddy’s eyes…long before I could have done anything to earn or deserve such a sacrifice. Such a priceless gift with only one catch: We must believe.

Why would He give His most treasured possession for me? Love. A kind of love we’ll never understand till we’re in heaven. He knew we’d be lost forever without His son to save us. So He went out of His way, BIG time, to seek us out and offer us a way up out of this hard and painful world we live in. He knew that without Him by our side, difficult times would be impossible to endure. What protection, grace and favor we are granted through His presence in our lives! No greater love than this…

We serve a living and risen Savior! Rejoice with me, and I pray that God’s amazing love for you reaches out and squeezes on your life today, and always. Be blessed, my friends!

Happy Easter.

Because He Lives ~ Bill Gaither

God Sent His Son, They Called Him Jesus;
He Came To Love, Heal And Forgive.
He Lived And Died To Buy My Pardon;
An Empty Grave Is There To Prove My Savior Lives.

Because He Lives
I Can Face Tomorrow
Because He Lives
All Fear Is Gone
Because I Know He Holds The Future
And Life Is Worth The Living
Just Because He Lives

How Sweet To Hold A Newborn Baby,
And Feel The Pride And Joy He Gives;
But Greater Still The Calm Assurance:
This Child Can Face Uncertain Day Because He Lives.


And Then One Day I’ll Cross The River;
I’ll Fight Life’s Final War With Pain.
And Then, As Death Gives Way To Vict’ry,
I’ll See The Lights Of Glory And I’ll Know He Reigns.

4 thoughts on “Have a Blessed Easter!”

  1. Thanks, Geri! It was truly blessed, from the weather (which was supposed to be icy and miserable, but was almost warmish and not wet at all!) to our awesome worship service (Yes! We sang Because He Lives!! Among other great resurrection songs!) to the great time spent with my family that afternoon. Plus, a Sunday night home with dh is always a treat (no Awanas last night). He grilled hamburgers and veggies for our supper…mmm!

    How was your Easter?

  2. How funny, Mary. I have many of the same memories you have! And we also sang “Because He Lives”! I wonder how many, if not all, the blessings we enjoy are because ‘He Lives’? Your dh is one very special man. How I love these guys my daughters married. If only Steve and family could have been here too. My heart challenge now is to let this resurrection message impact my thoughts and words and behaviour every day.

  3. I know, it would have been perfect if Steve and his family could have come. All these nieces and nephews are growing up and leaving the nest. I wonder if we’ll ever be all together in one place again for the holidays? πŸ™

    As for your thoughts on my dh, he is a dandy, and we have always felt blessed and secure in your love for us!

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