Learning from Loss

Today’s my day for posting at Writer…Interrupted. As my sister and brother-in-law’s loss is on my heart and mind, it’s no surprise I chose to write more on the subject. Head on over if you want to know what I’ve learned through this…a whole lot!

One thing I didn’t mention over there, is that I’ve decided I’m much more of a Martha than a Mary when it comes to crises. I work myself in a frenzy behind the scenes, trying to plan ahead for how best to meet needs…needs that often don’t even come my way. I wish I’d been there for my sister-in-law the minute I heard about the fire, but I rationalized myself away from the scene till later in the afternoon, keeping myself busy running to town to get supplies, making food for everyone and getting clean sheets on all the beds in case they decided to come our way for the night. Which, they didn’t. Hindsight, etc.

Well, there’s definitely a lot to learn through tragedy. Most of it not pleasant, but still good to grow.

May God bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe in His sovereign watch-care.