Make a May Day Basket

Sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies are packed up, ready to go, and I just got all my baking sheets washed and cooling racks in the dishwasher–it’s time to wake up my 3 year old and get a move on. But first, I wanted to get a quick post up to tell you all Happy May Day!

I told my girls a sure fire way to get company to drop in is for me to get outside and make a mess of myself scraping the house! I’m working on the exterior of our back porch and was covered with paint flecks when my sister and her kids showed up yesterday…then this morning, it was a good homeschooling

friend and her family sneaking by to drop off a May Day basket!

What a treat, and it caught on! I’m so ditzy these days that when I flipped the calendar to this new month last night, I actually looked at the date and tried to remember what was special about May 1st. You see, I used to leave baskets at people’s houses every May Day, but kind of lost the tradition. Our Mom’s group even got together on May Day, bringing baskets and any little neat things we had around the house to use as fillers. Stick some home-made cookies or mini-loaves in a small basket lined with a dishtowel or bright tissue paper, tuck a few flowers from the green house in the middle and a devo book or a candle and you’ve got a good excuse to go bless your neighbors! Get your children involved, they can make the Happy May Day cards…

Your neighbors will be astounded, and what a great opportunity it is to reach out to those around us!

It’s not too late in the day, either! I’ve got to get a move on, we’ve got goodies to deliver!

6 thoughts on “Make a May Day Basket”

  1. I did not get May day baskets done, but I wish I would have. I had a touch of sickness, so I rested. That is so neat that you and your children made them. I hope you had a great May day. Hugs. Juli

  2. Thanks girls! 😉

    Hope you feel better today, Juli, it’s been a while! And we did have a fabulous (though BUSY) May Day!

  3. I still have some chocolate chip ones in the cookie jar, and we made Amish friendship bread today, two kinds…lemon cherry, and banana cream! Yum, except I’m staying away from it! Wish I could bring some of it your way…

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