Summer Slush Recipe

Want an icy treat to keep handy in your freezer for family and unexpected guests? I’ve got the perfect recipe for you! Go to Weekend Kindness and read about my “Slush Shop”…

And I apologize for not getting much blogging done here lately. In between finishing up the school year, nieces’ graduations, traveling to nephew’s wedding, painting my house, helping dh build a chicken house, and keeping up with all my CHICKEN CHORES (good grief the little ladies are a full-time job!)…well, and all the time I’m spending working out (I’ve lost 15 lbs!!)…

More than blogging, I miss reading your blogs! Hope and pray  everyone is having a wonderful May!

10 thoughts on “Summer Slush Recipe”

  1. That recipe sounds great for the summer, light and refreshing. Way to go on loosing 15 pounds I’m impressed. I told James that I really didn’t know where you had 15 pounds hiding. I always thought you looked great.

  2. Sounds so yummy, and just in time for summer! Could have used some today, in fact…Good to catch up with you and kudos on the 15lbs! Awesome!

  3. You are SO sweet, Andrea! How nice of you to say so. I’ve always had a really healthy body image, and thankfully, my dh contributes to that by loving me just the way I am. But lately (the past two years) in pictures I’ve noticed that the lbs were adding on. I’m really feeling better cardiovascularly than I have in a long time. I was able to jog for almost a half mile the other day…to our mailbox and back alongside my girls riding their bikes! That felt great, no gasping for air, etc. If you were to see me, I don’t know if it would be that noticeable…except my arms are really getting muscular and toned. I was most excited to purchase a pair of capris two sizes smaller than my norm, and they’re now loose too! And all this time I thought I’d have a horrible time shedding the pounds. I thank God for every pound lost. It’s truly amazing. I have to wear a belt now to keep my clothes on!

    Laura, I’m always thrilled to see you stop by! I hope you try the slush, it’s easier than it sounds even, and makes a nice on-hand treat to serve family and friends on summer days. So citrus-y and refreshing, and when you split those 4 cups sugar up amidst all the servings you get out of a whole recipe, it’s not that bad for you either! 😉 Thanks for the kudos, btw!

  4. Hi, Mary!
    Thanks for your comments on my last blog post. It is so heartbreaking. But we know a God who can heal, don’t we? In times like this I just rest in Him and pray that those hurting will do the same. As for the bluebird box, it’s just a very simple birdhouse. The main differences are that the hole is smaller, as to discourage larger birds from nesting in it; and the front opens up so that you can check in and count the eggs/see the baby birdies. Bluebirds will come back from year to year if they have a successful experience in your box. Here is a project guide to build one, or, we just bought ours at a craft shop and painted it:

    also, check this website out if you are really interested:

    Have a great day!

  5. What a great recipe, sounds so refreshing.
    I’m always so happy to see you on “Min”, but how can I get your posts delivered right to me?
    Good for you on the 15, wish I could find the energy to do the same.

  6. THANKS Laura! What a great project! My almost 5th grader is really into birds, she will love this…I really appreciate you coming over and giving me all this info!

    Bethanie, I hope you make it, it’s such a nice treat. My interest is really piqued by your latest blog post! Will be over to see what you’re doing! 😉

  7. Thanks, Jessica, the Gazelle really melts the pounds off, I LOVE IT! (I still have to get on it tonight…been too busy today…)

  8. Hi Carol, not sure how your comment slipped through the cracks, so sorry that I’m just now seeing it! I’m glad for the opportunity to get to know you, some of my best online friends have been made through MIn, 🙂

    I have been meaning to figure out how to add a subscription box to this blog, but for now, if you run Firefox, up in the http/URL box, you should see a small orange square at the far right, next to the black down arrow? If you double click it, a “subscribe to this feed” box will open up and you can add me that way!

    Thanks! Looking forward to seeing more of you! Do you have a blog too?

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