Subway Sandwich Contest Excludes Homeschoolers

Thanks go to my pastor for the head’s up on this latest offense against home educators. Check out the World Net Daily article, Subway sandwich contest: Homeschoolers not wanted.

Subway Sandwiches has teamed up with Scholastic Books in offering a writing contest open to all school aged students, grades preK-6, except for homeschooled children. One could assume that this exclusion is based on the $5,000 worth of athletic equipment being awarded to the contest winner’s school of choice. However, as noted at the blog, Capturing Today, this money prize could make a difference even in the hands of a homeschooled student.

“Excuse me, but there are MILLIONS of homeschool students in this nation and this is just discrimination. A homeschool student could easily donate the athletic equipment to their homeschool athletic association, local park, athletic center, neighborhood center or the like. I realize they are doing this to have a mass marketing effect, but they could have just as great a media response from a charitable homeschool student donating the prize.”


Here are some links that may be of help or interest:

Subway Contest Rules

For the scoop on the contest, their four story starters and an online entry submission form, check out the above link. My oldest loves to write and is working on a story to enter. We’ll let Subway sort it all out. I’m not suggesting that the millions of homeschoolers out there swamp their contest.Β  Really.

Contact Subway

And when you do, please don’t be rude. We don’t need to take the malicious road here, though they do need reminded that technically, every homeschooling family out there is a “private school” entity. And we do eat at their restaurants, and just might be among Scholastic’s biggest customer bases.

The link for the online submission form to boycott Subway

Whether or not you choose to take it to this level is up to you. Boycotts do effect change. As Christians, we can turn the other cheek and show them grace, but I can’t help but see this as a purposed dig at my choice on how to educate my children. Home education is already under fire in California and other places. Some issues are important, others aren’t. My freedom to view homeschooling as a viable choice for my children’s education is being challenged here.Β  So here’s what I think: If my children’s essays aren’t welcome in this contest, then as a home educator, I really don’t feel welcome in their restaurant.

Subway is perhaps our favorite fast food restaurant…and we have only three or four to choose from in our small hometown. Come on, Subway! What were you thinking?

Any thoughts on this?

11 thoughts on “Subway Sandwich Contest Excludes Homeschoolers”

  1. I was also bothered by the “preK” age group included in this contest. It’s like Subway is acknowledging that preschoolers are part of the school system entirely. The days of mandatory Kindergarten are already here. Here comes mandatory preschool. Kind of rubs me the wrong way. More on this at this blog, if you’re interested:

  2. Wow…I went and signed the petition…that really bothers me about the preK too…everyone I know is asking if I can’t wait to send LO off to preschool and when they here that I’m not going to they look at me like I’m crazy. Why are all these people having kids if they are just looking forward to getting them out of the house?

  3. You know, this is linked to Scholastic as well and I have had a few run-ins with them where I thought they may it acceptionally hard to work with, as home educators. I will definitely be boycotting Subway. There are a million other places to eat!

  4. I have to agree with Jana that Scholastic is as much to blame as Subway. I’m sure scholastic has close connections with the NEA

  5. Thanks, Geri, for signing the petition. And I agree, with school ages starting younger and younger, we SAHM’s are fast becoming the minority. It does seem that it’s not that popular to want your children home with you. It’s sad when school gets out for summer, I wonder how many parents are excited about getting that extra time with their kids? I know in our area, a big concern for working moms is finding a daycare that has openings for their older kids. We really need to be vigilant about protecting our rights to home educate, before they can be stripped away, bit by bit.

    Jana, you’re right. Places like Pizza Hut and Braums have reading programs during the school year (Book-It and Braum’s Reading Buddies) and they make it super easy for homeschoolers to participate. I’d much rather send them letters of appreciation and support their businesses than give my money and time to places like Subway. Or Scholastic, for that matter.

    Andrea, they probably do. This is maybe the tip of the iceberg in the growing battle against home education. With the things going on in CA, I wonder how long the trickle effect will take to touch us here in the mid-west.

    Mary’s last blog post..Subway Sandwich Contest Excludes Homeschoolers

  6. Please don’t shoot me or hate me, Mary.

    I can see why Subway is excluding homeschooled children, because they are giving away $5,000 for athletic equipment. And if homeschooled children won this prize it would only benefit one family, whereas, if a student from a school won it, many children would benefit from the prize.

    PreK children are in schools now, my sons were in PreK and were already doing school work, they were reading and writing before they even entered kindergarten. Why not let their schools get a chance to win new equipment?

    I did not sign the petition, because of this reason.

    Leticia’s last blog post..STARTDATE 052708.1

  7. I did sign the petition. It is not right of them to leave the homeschooled children out.

  8. Leticia, you know I’m not going to lamb you one, don’t you? But really, did you read my whole post? They could have easily included homeschooling children by adding a specific clause about how the athletic equipment had to be donated to an organization. Can’t you just see the headlines? “Local homeschool child donated $5000 in athletic equipment to local elementary school (or park, etc)”. There was no reason for them not to do this.

    Thanks for signing the petition, Juli. Maybe their next contest will be for homeschoolers only? Lol. Not that that would be fair either!

  9. Yes, Mary I did and I also got an e-mail alert from AFR. I am glad you are not going to “lamb” me, hee. (I have never heard that phrase before.)

    Because I wuv ya, I will sign the petition.

    Leticia’s last blog post..STARTDATE 052708.1

  10. I just received this e-mail from AFR. Thought you would like to know.

    Subway apologizes to home schoolers

    May 28, 2008

    Dear Andrea,

    Your efforts made a difference!

    Today, Subway apologized for excluding home schoolers from its “Every Sandwich Tells a Story Contest.” AFA has verified a newly released apology from Subway by its partnering Scholastic public relations department.

    The apology reads:

    Regarding your concerns about the Subway contest that excludes home schools from contest eligibility, Scholastic and Subway apologize to all individuals who have taken offense at this. Our intention was never to make independent schooled children feel discriminated against or excluded from this specific promotion.

    Throughout the course of the year Scholastic runs a number of contests and sweepstakes that are open to all teachers and students. The eligibility of this contest in particular was solely put in place to award a large group of children with the grand prize of $5,000 worth of athletic equipment. We do however understand how home- schooled children could benefit from this type of prizing and will make sure eligibility is open to everyone in future promotions.

    We appreciate your feedback and will make sure a similar situation does not happen in the future.

    I want to thank you for taking time to contact Subway. AFA has thanked them on your behalf.

    Thank you for caring enough to get involved. If you feel our efforts are worthy of support, would you consider making a small tax-deductible contribution?



    Donald E. Wildmon,
    Founder and Chairman
    American Family Association

  11. Why thank you for signing, Leticia! πŸ˜‰ BFF! πŸ˜‰

    Andrea, that is GREAT news! I hadn’t gotten that alert yet, or if I did, I haven’t gotten around to opening it yet! I’m so glad you let us know. Thanks!!!

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