Back From Vacation

So my hubby springs his vacation plans on me during the week of the stomach-flu from you-know-where (or was it salmonella from tomatoes? we’ll never know…). I had one week to prepare for a 1500 mile round trip camping vacation. Joy! Here I was just thinking we were fortunate to get healthy in time to be of some small help during our church’s Vacation Bible School. But with the help of my dear mom, we were rolling out the weekend after VBS with full coolers of food–enough to last us a week. (More than enough, actually, we finished up the chili dogs just last night)

Our destination? Well, you know how I am with persons/places and things. I’m kind of careful about what I share online, but suffice it to say we went way up North–not quite to Alaska, but… We have friends up there that we haven’t seen in five years, and hubby declared it time! What fun we had, me and my friend Jana and our combined households. It stormed off and on while we were there, so instead of camping, we bedded down in Jana’s living room on her hide-a-bed…which really added more talk-time and helped us to make the most of the visit. Being “rained in” with this family was a treat, believe me!

We did enjoy two nights of camping in perfect weather and gorgeous settings…one lakeside and one creekside, both with great facilities (hot showers, clean bathrooms, awesome playgrounds, freshly mowed campsites!) We picked up two Australian shepherd stockdogs on our way home and picnicked our way across three states and several VERY COOL playground parks! No restaurants and no hotels, and almost all our sightseeing ventures were freebies! Our gas-chugging Suburban averaged 15 miles per gallon loaded down and fighting side winds most of the way, and with gas prices hovering around $3.89/gallon, we paid out less than $350 for gas. Campsites, ice for the two coolers and visiting a Butterfly House combined to total another $40-$50…not too bad for a six day road trip across 1500 miles! Imagine if we’d had a more economical vehicle…but we sure appreciated the room to spread out in the Sub, and the back was packed floor to ceiling with camping gear! Three nights parked at our friends’ home helped bunches too, and that’s where the highlights of our vacation happened!

All in all, a great few days! I don’t have all our pictures developed yet, the ones in this post I happened to take with my digital camera…

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