Cooking and Food

What’s for Lunch?

Mean Green Tortilla Soup! Mmm!

Picture a bowl with a handful of cheese, some oven-toasted corn tortilla strips, two or three slices of avacado and a delicious chicken-corn-salsa verde soup poured over all of the above…that’s what we’re having for lunch today. Fridays are our Bible study-luncheon dates with my parents, and this will be our first one back after all the holidays. Tempting sides will include our time-honored favorites: Beef Enchiladas and green salad.

Who’s hungry?

P.S. #1 Keep my mom’s health in your prayers, she’s battling bronchitis, not good! Thanks!

P.S.#2 Did you know that Tricia Goyer has been on Focus on the Family? Yesterday and today, in fact! Catch the broadcast if you can, it’s so neat hearing her in person, and she’s got such a testimony!