Family Home Schooling

Monday Mornings

Woman Placing Her WashI love Monday mornings! Sundays are busy for us, so having a day at home is always something to look forward to!

Plus, my children are usually over-tired from a busy Awana club meeting the night before, so they sleep in a little bit, allowing me more time. I’m usually fired up about getting the house in shape after letting it go over the weekend, so starting a load of clothes is first on my list, and if there’s time, I get our lesson plans for the week all written in before the girls wake up.

Seeing to the chicken chores is another welcome morning routine, necessitating a trip through the brisk morning air–revving up my lungs and heart and putting the final touch on “waking me up” to a brand new week!

How do you feel about Mondays?

The wind is howling today, we’re almost done with schoolwork, 4 year old is napping…and I’m thinking about supper tonight…we had steaming, oven baked sweet potatoes for lunch, slathered in real butter and sprinkled with ground cloves…most delicious, nutritious and filling lunch in the world.

Hope your Monday is going great!