Winter Hike

ndnlodge8Got a fair-weather day up and coming? Grab it and go on a hike! We’d been waiting for just such a day to whisk my hubby off and show him some cool stuff we’d discovered with Farmer John and his two apprentices on just such an adventure hike a couple weeks ago…finally, Saturday arrived and by one o’clock, the temps reached 47 degrees! Wonderful!

Not far from home are some Indian trails…trails that we’d never bothered to explore. Do you have areas of interest that only seem to be interesting to the tourists? Find out! I’m sure glad we did.

ndnlodge2The main attraction on our hike, and the part that we kept a secret from my dh, was a fabulous full-size replica of an Indian wood lodge. Evidently, there used to be 20-some of them along the creek in this wooded area, but they’ve long since disappeared. Recently, a group decided to generate interest by reconstructing one…and it’s become a magnet to our climbingfamily, we can’t wait to take homeschooling friends there next spring!

I’ve interspersed this post with pics from both our visits…it was a grand adventure BOTH times!

PIC #1–approaching the wood lodge

PIC #2–looking down into it from above…this is the “smoke hole”burnedouttree

PIC #3–adventures along the trail…climbing a huge downed tree


PIC #4–checking out a burned out tree

PIC#5–playing “elevator down” with daddy, you know, climb up a tall tree, and grab the “bendy” tree next door and “down you gooooo…”