The Biggest Snowman

Sometime in February, during one of the major “snow dumps”, my husband geared up to beat the previous year’s record for “the biggest snowman EVER”. Some years ago, he made an offhand remark to our girls, that we’d make a bigger snowman every year…note to self: offhand adult remarks are marked in RED forever by children who love to see challenged said adult squirm. So…after last year’s *big guy*, we all knew this year’s snowman would require more than human efforts. Enter my husband’s CAT Skid loader.

Just building the snowman took an entire evening. The sun went down on a “Frosty-in-limbo”–an armless, eyeless, scarfless, hatless wonder. The next day was a Sunday, so after church and lunch, we donned our winter apparel, and scoured our property for likely ornamentations for our over 10 foot tall snow friend. By the way, we measured the circumference of his base, it was just over 16 feet around.

Everyone took a ride in the bucket of the CAT to the top of Mr. Snowman, the only way to properly attach his hat, his pringle can eyes, red plastic cup nose, and charcoal smile! Eventually, we got ‘er done…

This picture is of me and my two youngest…they bestowed upon me, the honor and privilege of making our snowman’s happy smile! Cold job for bare fingers!

Finally he is finished…a sight to behold, visible from the country road about a half mile from our home…

When it was all said and done, Hubby dusted the snow off his coveralls and declared that we’d have to start over again on this “snowman spree” next year, staying closer to the ground. So it would seem that “Jolly Jake”, as my younger daughters officially christened this year’s snowman, will hold the record for biggest snowman ever, for at least a couple more years!

We’ve sure had a wonderful winter, several beautiful snowfalls and plenty of cozy fireside evenings…but I’m more than ready to welcome spring!