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Romancing Scotland Style

Ah, bonnie auld Scotland. I’ve been wondering what the attraction is between me and romance stories set in Scotland. Are all Scots heroes strong, devastatingly loyal and stern but sweet? All the cannas, wilnas, wouldnas…wee wee lassies…sigh. Makes me want to try writing something set in the 1700’s. Ha. I’m pretty sure I should just stick to reading however!

Liz Curtis Higgs wrote a great series along these lines…first one is called Thorn in My Heart. Wow.

I dinna ken. Maybe I’d be sae inclined if…weel, if a verra nice trip to Scotland were perhaps involved for a wee bit of research. I’ll speak wi’ ye aboot it again if the fancy continues tae tickle me silly.

For now, too scairt to try writing anything but the King’s English,

Mary–who hasna had her coffee yet today