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Summer’s End

Technically the first day of Fall is on September 23, but for me Fall is all about going back to school… I love this time of year…three weeks left to […]

Technically the first day of Fall is on September 23, but for me Fall is all about going back to school...

I love this time of year...three weeks left to hit the pool and have friends over...plenty of "free" time before homeschooling takes precedence over our schedule. We've made it through the dizziness of county fair (got the purple and blue ribbons to prove it!) and now it's time to plan Awana.

On Monday, I'm canning pickles with a friend (bread and butter, dill, and pickled okra)and tonight we'll traipse to the youth rodeo so our oldest can open the show with "The Star Spangled Banner." Ah summertime.

I need to be ordering my homeschool materials, and planning the annual scavenger hunt that the girls and I always do to kick off our first day of school.

But for now, I think I'll go pour us all a glass of fresh lemonade...water, sugar and sliced lemons shaken vigorously in a quart jar...

Have a great weekend!

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I really like the old Celtic agrarian calendar, which sets the beginning of fall (the first grain harvest) at the beginning of August. Equinoxes and solstices were the middle of the season, so fall actually started 6 weeks earlier. It so corresponds to this time of year for me. Makes sense in other places, too.

Summer into fall–one of my faves 🙂

Sounds like your house is such a joy! We spent part of today at the park! Such fun!!

Thanks for replying to my questions. I’ve considered moving…haven’t found the “perfect” place though. I may have to look into things where you are a little more. I have just finally gotten the “hang” at BN, so it’s gonna be hard to “give up” the familiarity. Hmmmm, something to think about! *grin*

I just love autumn, it’s my favourite season of the year with it’s pretty colours. We are going into spring soon and autumn won’t be here for us until next march, enjoy it though.

Rebecca, summer into fall is one of my faves too…so many fun traditions in the fall, and the weather is just perfect! I confess to loving each seasonal change…especially winter into spring. Amy, it’s so foreign to me thinking of autumn in March!
Missie, I think BN makes things a lot more tedious than WP, or even Blogger. If you really are thinking about moving remember what I said about not being able to bring your posts with you. It might be worth it to check at Blogger to see if they allow importing from BN, but the bigger problem is that I never could find anything about exporting files at BN. My favorite part of WP is that my name, email and password are always remembered. I used to get so tired of having to sign in EVERYWHERE!
Thank you all for stopping in and sharing your comments on the seasons!

Ohhh, you’re making me wish we were still home schooling this year. You sure keep a full schedule! BTW, I found the Godly Tomatoes site, it’s packed & I can’t wait to look around:)

I’ve heard of Patch the Pirate, but can’t remember much about it. A kid’s club for the younger set? I LOVE working with K-2nd graders…they’re such a great age group! And I’ve been asked to teach our 1st-3rd grade SS this fall quarter…with both my dds as students!

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