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Ready, Set, Homeschool?!

By now, you’ve figured me not to be a “die hard” homeschooler…after all, I still need to order curriculum for this fall, right? The problem is, I’m not into the […]

By now, you’ve figured me not to be a “die hard” homeschooler…after all, I still need to order curriculum for this fall, right? The problem is, I’m not into the “one curriculum fits all” theory. I use a little of this, a little of that…and what worked for my self-motivated oldest is probably too boring for my 6 yo.

Two good questions to ask when browsing the endless choices would be:

  1. Will this encourage my child’s love of God?
  2. Will it enhance their love of learning?

My oldest has loved chapter books like Misty of Chincoteague since she was barely four years old. She’s like a sponge, very thoughtful and introspective and loves nothing more than to read “living” books with me. We read many missionary bios.

My 6 yo, still squirms at storytime, unless colorful pictures dot each page! Abeka has the color my 6 yo loves, but using Abeka for every subject would drive us crazy, so we branch out using it one year for health/science and the next for history/geography.

Most importantly, make sure your child catches your enthusiasm for learning. Our first day of school is a day of expectation that sets the mood for the year.

While the children are still sleeping, I take about 15 clues outside and hide them…each one leaving a hint about the next…scavenger hunt style. They include actions such as: “Jump up and run so you won’t be too late, run through the horse barn and over to the gate”…then on the gate they’ll find the next clue. At the end of the hunt, they’ll find a box full of their new textbooks/notebooks, pens/pencils, gold foil- wrapped candy (gold for hidden treasure!), and supplies for a fun craft that we’ve never made before. Then we rush to the house for a favorite breakfast/tea party and spend the day crafting.

The point of the treasure hunt is this: the physical and mental actions of the hunt signify the physical and mental rigors of learning. Sometimes it will be tedious (nah, surely not!) but the rewards are like gold nuggets of treasure…all that learning that no one can take from you.

Just as with parenting, homeschooling has its struggles and its rewards. Keep the faith!

Philipians 2:13, “for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure!”  (go ahead and follow the link…this verse in context is awesome!)

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That’s a great idea and verse! When we go to get material next year we’ll have to consider what we’re getting as it applies to the child. Thanks for the encouragement.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your idea about the first day of school!

Today is our first official day, and I’m Scared, but really laid back in the way we’re going about it. WE’re just going to EASE into it… starting maybe 1 or 2 subjects a week!

Thanks for sharing a bit about your “style”. Sounds like you’re a great homeschooler (the one who TRULY does it for your children).

And as for your question about Weekend Kindness that you left on my site (did I do it?), I’m so ashamed, but I didn’t do anything specifically KIND! 🙁 Maybe I’ll think of something… I had good intentions, but was pretty preoccupied with starting school and all!
BLAH BLAH…. Right?

God Bless, Betsy! I’m praying for you today! I’m sure you did a ton of kind things without even thinking about it! ;O) I’d just seen you mention it on MInTheGap and hadn’t found anyone yet with their WK up!

LOVE this idea. I’m still cleaning out last years stuff to make room in our “school room” for this year. I don’t know when the first day of school will be, but I will definitely try to do something like this.

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