Family Ties

Some Pictures For You

heartdough.jpgaromaticdoughtree1.jpgPosting some pics for you of things I’ve mentioned here on the blog…aromatic dough ornaments, gingerbread houses, and indo boards. Later I’ll go back and edit my original posts to include these pics! Enjoy!

msgingerbreadhouse.jpg My oldests’ cottage. See the snowman?

northpolebiblechurch.jpgNorth Pole Bible Church, by six year old.

generalstore.jpg My General Store.

indoboarding.jpg Six year old on hubby’s homemade “indo board”.


January: Get Organized Month

Yes, January is “Get Organized Month”.

I love being organized. I’m all for organization. It makes life so much easier…doesn’t it? Disclaimer: I don’t struggle with organization, I struggle with maintaining the organization!

The NY Times “Saying Yes to Mess” is a feel-good article for those of us that occasionally find ourselves with a case of the “Messies”. Though I did cringe at some of the jabs taken at Type A personalities.

An anti-anticlutter movement is afoot, one that says yes to mess and urges you to embrace your disorder. Studies are piling up that show that messy desks are the vivid signatures of people with creative, limber minds (who reap higher salaries than those with neat “office landscapes”) and that messy closet owners are probably better parents and nicer and cooler than their tidier counterparts. It’s a movement that confirms what you have known, deep down, all along: really neat people are not avatars of the good life; they are humorless and inflexible prigs, and have way too much time on their hands.

Ouch to that last statement.

Yet it does relieve my guilt over the fact that the only closet in my house with any order is the linen/game closet in the hallway.

Here’s a question for you. When you visit friends do you feel more comfortable in a home that is pristine-clean, or one that has the lived-in feel? Do you think any less of your friends whose homes are on the cluttered side? (My answer: No way!)

Amy at Amy’s Humble Musings posted some thoughts a couple weeks back in an article she titled, Obvious Correlations. She said,

“I think you can tell a lot about a lady by how long she takes to get ready, what the inside of her microwave looks like, and if she regifts.”

Interesting.  My microwave isn’t always clean, for instance, but it’s never gross. Does that count? I paint my toenails in the summertime (sandals), and apply makeup before going anywhere…so I guess being presentable to me, means 10-15 minutes in the bathroom.

And what exactly does this tell you about me?

That I take better care of myself than I do my microwave?