First day of spring today! Did you celebrate? I love Gina’s idea to have the “Easter egg hunting” etc on the first day of Spring, rather than combining it with […]

Good Housekeeping, April 1922First day of spring today! Did you celebrate?

I love Gina’s idea to have the “Easter egg hunting” etc on the first day of Spring, rather than combining it with Easter Sunday.

What do you all think about the Easter bunny?

P.S. Horrendous wind today, but thankfully, no spring rain. However, I just had to post that pic–isn’t it sweet?

P.S. #2 My first item of spring cleaning~today I deleted the old blog! Woo-hoo… so if you haven’t updated me yet, please do!

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I celebrated by transplanting some shrubs. I was so excited about them making it through the winter! And…I wanted some of that rain yesterday! Saves me from hauling out the garden hose!

Ann, it not only flies, it jets! I can’t believe March is almost over!

Deborah, can’t wait to see all you’ve done! Sounds nice…and I’m sorry it isn’t raining for you! Sure acts like it wants to!

Leticia, I don’t have a problem with the “bunny” either. I’d rather not do it on Easter Sunday though. I really like the idea of doing the egg hunts on the first day of Spring!

That’s a good point, Jessica. My kids know it’s pretend also…they still have fun with it, but we have to be careful because we have extended family that does not want the bubble of illusion popped prematurely!

My husband & I have agreed not to do the Santa or Easter bunny thing with Lydia. We will give her gifts on Christmas and she will be surprised and hopefully get up early to unwrap her gifts, but she’ll know they are from us. Easter, however, I’m struggling with…mostly because of the egg hunt. Yes, it’s secular, but it’s a little different from Santa or the Bunny in that there’s nothing to believe in with regard to egg hunting. I’m sure we’ll let her hunt eggs eventually. I love the idea of doing that at the first of spring and getting away from Easter Sunday.

Amy, our family doesn’t do Santa either…I like the fact that they know their flesh and blood parents who love them are the ones buying their gifts, not some jolly stranger that sneaks into the house at night (scary! lol!)…we have other more valid reasons (to us) for not perpetuating the Santa myth. No biggie to us if others choose to though.

I know what you mean about wanting to do egg hunts. I have such fond memories of them from childhood. I’d always get new church socks, and white gloves, plus the expected candy and quarters…so much fun. We always did it Sunday morning in the house before church. Now the tradition is for all the cousins to go out to my parents either the Saturday before Easter and have lunch and an egg hunt on their farm. We color coordinate the eggs (so each child has their own color to look for and a certain number so they know when they’ve found them all) and hide them easy or hard according to age. I’ll never forget my hubby shinnying 12 feet up a tree to hide one for my teenage nephew to later find. For that hunt, they had clues. My mom always makes the whole thing entirely too much fun to forego! (Winking at you, mother!)

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