At the end of the day…

I love checking out Jen’s Tackle it Tuesdays, there’s just something about before and after pics, isn’t there? Sorry I don’t have any for you–just be thankful for your own […]

The KitchenI love checking out Jen’s Tackle it Tuesdays, there’s just something about before and after pics, isn’t there? Sorry I don’t have any for you–just be thankful for your own digital camera, and picture me tackling my upstairs-slash-attic with every (unstuck) window in the house full open–blowing fresh air and the scent of baking Amish Friendship Bread in my oven…three loaves!

This morning saw me dragging a bit, coming down fromΒ  last week being Spring Break, no doubt. But we girls got a lot done in addition to the routine!

Our upstairs is accessible through only a tiny, steep-staired passageway, hidden behind a door in my kitchen. There are two nice bedrooms up there…beautiful wood floors (can ya hear the echo?) and then a large attic-storage area. We only use the upstairs for storage and company. Well, the storage had kinda taken over to the point that my dear hubby pointed out mildly one day that we had a fire hazard upstairs! Yup…I’d gotten lax about sorting outgrown clothing, schoolwork, crafts, extra toys, um, fabric…books…garage sale stuff, Christmas boxes…just picture a complete mess.

It’s all gone now! Well, what’s left is organized and we made a substantial trip to the thrift store and the dump this afternoon. And my daughters have turned the glorious space up there into a playroom!

One more cute thing about today: my dh just walked in, and told me our girls had left a message written in sidewalk chalk on the barn floor. It said:

“Chores done. 3-26-07”

Made his day. Just as the mini-back rub he gave me just now made mine!

And we’re off to eat tacos… (yes, I know it’s only Monday, but twill be Tuesday soon enough!)

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

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Great job!
This kind of chores is tough to start attending to, but very rewarding when accomplished.
You have just given me an idea for my next week, when I have my spring/Easter break. (Unless I spend it writing blog posts πŸ™‚ )

It does feel wonderful, and I can’t get my girls downstairs now! They LOVE it up there. It’s kind of an Anne-of-green-gables upstairs minus the beautiful railing (ha) and sadly, no dormer windows…but they’ve been enjoying it–playing Horsopoly and doing their school…
Problem is, my toddler wants to be up there too! Sigh…

Ann, better spend some of it writing blog-posts! (wink) So do you have an attic that needs purging?

My chore that I am truly procrastinating is bathing my 35 lb cat!! and my light-weight kitten.

They are both screaming for baths, yeck!

Wow! I need to try that Amish bread thing.

wow uve made my day Mary
what a honour it is to be your inspiration
Its not my own digital camera, Muzz brought himself a new one sometime ago and he gave me his old one bless him
your upstairs tackle reminds me of my spare room I have tackled this twice over the last 5 months

u sound like you were busy well done my friend
bless your hubby for being so grateful to u

thanks again πŸ™‚

Well, yes and no. Out attic is not habitable, just a space under the roof, and you have to climb up there by a ladder. But my house has lots of things/spaces/rooms that need attending, organizng, cleaning, you know the drill.
When you are a family of 4 with both parents working full time, the first thing that goes to the bottom of your schedule is taking care of perfect order in your house (well, maybe not with everybody, but with us, anyway).
So this spring cleaning is necessary…

Leticia, I’d be procrastinating about bathing the cat too! Never done that before…I imagine your cat hates it! Good luck with that…I’d love a before pic of you and an after, lol!

Jen, you’re welcome! It’s a great meme, one of my favorites…

Ann, thanks for telling me more. I totally understand. I shove more things aside now than before I homeschooled. Most of the stacks on the bed upstairs were homeschool or writing related! Hope you have a good few days in which to tackle your project!

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