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My 7 Minute Devotion

Was that pixy-like voice completing sentences across the phone really my toddler’s? Being her primary caregiver (read full-time mommy) 24/7 I hadn’t realized how I’d taken her for granted till […]

Was that pixy-like voice completing sentences across the phone really my toddler’s? Being her primary caregiver (read full-time mommy) 24/7 I hadn’t realized how I’d taken her for granted till I called home this past weekend from the hotel to send her good night hugs and kisses. I’d never heard her via the phone lines, and what a shock, to realize all at once how grown up she sounded and how much I’m losing in everyday translation.

It made me wonder at God’s joy when He hears from a long-lost believer~one who’s been busily doing what he felt was the Lord’s business but hadn’t made time to daily connect with God on an intimate level. What’s that saying about horizontal relationships keeping us too busy for that most important vertical relationship? What joy we miss when we seek for fulfillment in the wrong places.

Delight yourself also in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

At the writer’s conference I attended this past weekend, we were challenged to write a 7 minute devotion having to do with either family, laundry, a man’s tool box, computers, scripture, shopping or a song title as our theme. The above~ my attempt. As you can see, I was missing my baby!

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I can so relate! I was so excited to get home and see my kiddos. It was a great conference, but I just wanted to get home. And I think your seven minute devotion is great…and oh so, true. In fact this writing conference was also a spiritual retreat for me. It allowed me to forget about how “busy” I am and just seek His will.

It was a shock the other day when Daniel had his hair cut he wasnt a baby anymore. He was a little boy. In a flash of an eye a snip snip snap of scissors he was transformed into a little boy. Later I reflected on the fact that under his hair with soft baby curls he had been that little boy for sometime I just hadnt noticed.

Do they grow more when we’re gone? My boy’s steel blue eyes seemed to just know more when they met mine, as I walked in the door. My daughter’s blue eyes seemed deeper, as did her dimples. Oh for the joy of “I-missed-you-so-much” hugs! As much as the time apart is a sorrow, the joy of the reunion is worth it!

Wow! What a treat to hear from you all…you’re right, Corrie, those hugs are the best! When I arrived home last night, my toddler was already asleep, but this morning when she woke up and saw that I was home she just burst out with “Mommy! You’re HOME!” and major hug-time!

Crystal–it was a spiritual retreat for me also…and I feel that the past two weeks I’ve really been nudged by God in preparation for it! For instance, I’ve had the song, “Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord” just running through my head constantly and dh and I have been watching some really powerful devotional dvds together, all in all, a lot of things have been confirmed for me, culminating at the conference. And today’s sermon–wow! Safe to say I’ve had a really awesome weekend!

Jen–I know exactly what you mean! There is nothing like that first haircut–esp. for boys–that takes the baby out of them. 🙁 I’ll never forget my nephews darling curls…and how grown up they were after that first haircut.

Thanks so much for commenting!

Sorry you got cut off, Leticia…but I know what you mean. Remember all the older ladies telling us that time would fly faster each year and to treasure the moments? They were right. Sometimes I wish I was back in that first year of motherhood…how could it have been so long ago!

Mary – What a sweet devotion. I especially enjoyed the backstory. I copped out and didn’t do the devotion exercise, so I’m especially glad you shared yours. It was such a blessing to meet you and the other writers at the conference. I’m looking forward to reading future postings.

Hey Susie! So glad you came by…I’m missing you girls already! Hope the writing is pouring forth after all that great inspiration!

Come back when you can,:)

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