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Someday…that’s what I think when I see writing offices such as this one of Deborah Raney’s. Magazine pretty. It helps to know she started out hand-writing her novels, progressed to […]

Someday…that’s what I think when I see writing offices such as this one of Deborah Raney’s. Magazine pretty. It helps to know she started out hand-writing her novels, progressed to using a Mac at her kitchen table (yes, even putting it away each night so supper could fill the table instead)…that’s commitment, and I’m so happy that this a gem of a lady now has such well-suited surroundings.

You really need to go take a look. My favorite part? That four-sided rolling cabinet with chalkboard, storage, and a bulletin board…wonder where she found that?

What I really want to know: is her storyboard for the characters in her upcoming release of Leaving November?

I’m currently typing away in a corner of my LR, sandwiched between the piano and a bookcase of homeschooling textbooks. I have one shelf devoted to books on writing but due to lack of space most of my “stuff” is kept filed in my computer. My hubby has drawn up grand plans for a desk with many cubbyholes and shelves, one that will perfectly fit this only available corner of our home! Someday…he’ll have time to build it!

Where does your computer reside, and what is it that you wish for in a future office?

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Mary, check this first link. It has “htmll” instead for “html”, and it does not open because of that.

As to the surroundings – we have a den, where we have our computers and books – a little room, but providing a needed separation from other activities in the house.

Thanks so much, Ann! I fixed it! 🙂

Sometimes I wish for that separation from the crazies…but at the same time, it keeps me from constantly jumping up to make sure the troops are in line!

I like the photos she has the wall directly behind her
they look good

My computer is in the lounge that way I can see everything that is going on around me like what my boys are up to

Id like a filing cabinet and a L shaped desk one day

My computer sits at my kitchen counter. It’s a laptop. I don’t really like it here – except for the convenience. 🙂 It’s a toss-up…counterspace or a computer! 🙂

By the way, here’s the link for the book you asked about on Old Testament History.

It is not specifically Christian, but it is very honorable and I didn’t find anything that was inconsistent. It is just FILLED with loads of information and GREAT activities. I think we did every one…which we don’t usually do!

My main (messy) desk is in my bedroom. Though I’ve moved around with my laptop to the kitchen desk, the livingroom and outside on the porch, but my favorite place to write is in a coffee shop away from my to–do list.

Hi all! Hope you had a nice weekend, ours was busy but good!

Jen, those pics on the wall behind her are all her book covers framed…neat idea, huh.

Leticia, you have a handy hubby too? It’s such a blessing, isn’t it?

Holly, Colleen & Gina, I’d love a laptop…it’s even higher on my wish list than a digital camera! Ha. I love writing outside while the kids are playing, except for the wind blowing my pages…I wouldn’t have the first clue what to look for in buying one though.

Holly–thanks so much for the link! I can’t wait to go check it out, what a great idea for this summer…

I hope he gets the opportunity to build your desk sooner rather than later! My writing stuff is trying to take over the living room. Must reorganize. I’m going to check out Deborah’s link now.

Me too, Georgiana! But right now we’re majoring on the deck…and I REALLY want it done so we can enjoy it all summer! I can wait a bit on the desk~!

In my dream world I have an office/sewing/craft room. With a really long open table/desk, and drawers for all my crafts, papers, and a nice laptop. I would have a sewing table on wheels that my sewing machine sits on, and pretty PINK wall paper(or paint). Fru fru windo treatments that are shabby chic. a nice plush chair and ottoman with a small side table with lamp in one corner. Oh and a closet to harbor all my fabrics! Man I’m over flowing with fabrics. And some nicely set up set of drawers, maybe vertical drawers, so that I can stack larger papers and larger patterns, and some nice smaller drawers for normal sized patterns.*dream* *dream* I better stop before my “I want” button, gets stuck !
Mrs. Meg Logan

Oh, I just love the shabby chic look! Target has some really pretty designs along that line…your dream office sounds perfect! I understand, believe me…getting all the sewing things out and spread on my kitchen table is almost more than I can bear to do. I really don’t like starting and stopping on sewing projects. I’ve got a great corner in my bedroom that will someday be for a permanent sewing table, but for now it’s reserved for the crib!

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