My Baby is Three Years Old

Recently I had reason to believe I might be pregnant…took a test…it was negative. But my mind had already retraced to those baby days…those ultra-precious brand new moments interspersed with […]

brandnew.jpgRecently I had reason to believe I might be pregnant…took a test…it was negative. But my mind had already retraced babyfeet.jpgto those baby days…those ultra-precious brand new moments interspersed with baby spit-up and bleary-eyed mornings, teensy toes and fuzzy-edged baby blues.

I don’t want to be 32 and finished with that time of life, but it’s in God’s hands. I’m grateful for the three beaubeauty.jpgtiful children I’ve got.

This morning I brought the baby book out and sat with my youngest. We enjoyed a trip churchbaby.jpgdown baby-day’s lane.

Best thing we ever did was our decision to have her at a non-medical birth center with the help of a fabulous midwife. All 9 lbs 2 oz of her with no anesthetic–hoo-rah. I’d go through it again in a heartbeat, all you mothers know the feelinghappygirl.jpg. Four hours later we were on our way home.

She’s grown up so much…and today she’s celebrating her third birthday!

Happy Birthday little one! Mama loves you.

These pictures are all out of her baby book…

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I had know idea you were trying. That is so exciting. Any baby born to your family will be very blessed it will have three of the best big sisters in the world. With our new baby it took a week passed my missed period before the test came back positive.

Thanks everybody! Three years gone already! Jen, it’s interesting that you should mention her hair, I’d forgotten how dark it was when she was under a year. And it’s always been so curly, sometimes right out of the bath or on a humid day it’s pure ringlets. Makes it easy to style! 😉

Andrea, sad to say, we’re not trying. You know my dh is happy with 3, and honestly, I am too, for now. It’s easier to be content with 3 since that’s my man’s plan. However, I was getting excited for sure. I think the stress of the last two months has messed my cycles up. We’ll see…and I’ll pass your happy birthday message along to ****! 🙂

I was thinking about you guys yesterday and the birthday of your little one…remembering last year when she turned two. Happy Birthday from all of us!!!

Kind of sad about your news…I was getting excited too! 😉

Three is such a FUN age! Happy birthday!! My middle baby just turned three a few weeks ago, so we’re right there with you. We’re having a blast. Not much progress on the potty-training front, but we’ll get there eventually. I’m almost positive.

Lol, potty-training is not-so-much-fun! You should read my posts on “Training”… oh well, both sides usually survive!

Happy late birthday to your little girl!

natural childbirth. see, we were bound to have some little thing in common. actually my daughter’s birthday is july 9th. she is ten years old. i also have two younger boys (7 & 2.5).

Ahh, I bet we have more in common than natural childbirth! You are a Christian, right? And my oldest daughter will be ten in November. My two younger girls are 7 and 3.

I’ve enjoyed all this back and forth. Iron sharpening iron and all that. It’s been nice mom-chatting with you, Linda!

thanks, surprisingly, i’m enjoying it too. and to throw you for a loop. no, i’m not a christian. we’re are jewish.

and yup, out kids are all close to the same ages. in your older daughter starting puberty yet? hannah is just beginning and that’s led to a whole new set of challenges. she’s very hormonal, the poor dear.

Jewish! Well we have 39 OT books in common then… 😉

My oldest started wearing deodorant this year. So I guess that’s a sign she’s starting something! Young for that, I know, but we get ours at the health food store, non-antipersperant/chemical. As far as hormonal-moodiness, I notice it the most when she’s had too much sugar! Every time.

oh, interesting on the sugar. hannah doesn’t need deodorant yet, but she had a huge groth spurt and has some other physical signs. G-d help us all! lol.

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