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We walked by the light of the moon to mail a few letters tonight, and it was the first time all day I’d registered the lingering soreness in my legs…reminding […]

We walked by the light of the moon to mail a few letters tonight, and it was the first time all day I’d registered the lingering soreness in my legs…reminding me of all the walking and running we did at Family Camp. It’s a bigger wonder that my stomach isn’t protesting after the incredible eating all weekend.

The path to our cabin, barely wide enough for a four-wheeler, was a steep hike. Charming walk though, carved out and canopied around by a wilderness of trees. The cabins were built into the hillside, some up high almost on stilts, others, like ours, snugged right next to the path with a nice miniature deck at the door. Our cabin had six bunk beds in it, comfortable mattresses and air conditioning! Pretty nice bathroom facilities could be found just a short walk back down the path.

Beautiful weather (for the most part!), rustic rock-lined lodges, shady evergreens in all the right places, a swimming pool, tournaments and games to keep the whole family happy…it was a great time of fellowship andknifethrowing.jpg competition and reconnecting with church family.

Our family’s personal favorites included the knife throwing tournament, and the devotion/song times which we had each morning and evening. The guitar accompanied praise and worship songs, and the treat of having a rodeo chaplain (fancy word for cowboy preacher?) give all our devotionals gave a solid backdrop for all the fun and games.

megan.jpgBut the highlight of the whole weekend was watching my husband and our nine year old daughter participate in a high elements challenge. Harnessed up and in the hands of the belayer’s ropes, they climbed a 25-30′ (height estimate by dh) telephone pole, gingerly stepped up on top and inched around to face a trapeze, to which they would leap out in faith. Seven people from our church attempted this, the youngest, my daughter. She loves a challenge. Nine yo scrambled up the pole, turned around and in response to the belayer’s request that she “talk to him, and tell him when she was going to jump” she said, with nervous laughter in her voice,

“I think I’ll count to fifteen.”

The other jumpers had all jumped on the count of three. So my little comedian wanted everyone to think she needed extra time. Before the belayer was ready, she belted out:

“Five, Ten, Fifteen!” and jumped.

She’s still alive. The belayer braced himself just in time, when he realized she was counting by fives, but he told us later that if she’d been an adult he might not have been ready enough to support the increased weight. She was too short to get anywhere near the trapeze, but my dh successfully grabbed it and did a chin-up. He won the dubious title of being the first ever to climb and jump with cowboy boots on.

richmegan.jpgThen he and nine year old clambered up the rock-climbing panels together, one on each side and hugged each other at the top. Such an awesome sight. I was one proud woman, and so grateful to be there.

Our youth leaders organized this whole event, and pulled it off with panache. We had a survivor-like-family-edition obstacle course which involved zig-zagging through pylons, grabbing a marble and sling-shooting it at a hanging pop can, rolling a big tube a certain distance, and last, grabbing an alphabet letter off a folding chair before tapping the hand of the next team member in the relay. Once everyone went through, we put our letters together to form a phrase that had been used in the previous night’s devotions.

We had sword drills, a lady’s tea party, played a competitive evening’s worth of family kickball–in which even several grandparents participated, went night swimming, roasted marshmallows and made s’mores– and this after tournaments all day long Saturday: checkers, washers, badminton, knife-throwing, volleyball, basketball…

A better time couldn’t have been had. And one or two families made it all possible with their hard work and planning. In the words of Ray Boltz:

Thank you for giving to the Lord. I’m so glad you gave! 🙂

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Looks like you all had some much deserved family time, I can’t wait for it to get warmer here then we can do some things like that. btw I do like that Ray Boltz song 🙂

What a wonderful description of our weekend all together – you say things so well! Thank you for your contribution to the event as well – it was better than ever this year because of the extra help from you and other volunteers. I’m thankful for your friendship! Have a great day!
Haley 🙂

I’m so glad we got the chance to see all of you your girls are so sweet. I can never get enough of them. They take such good care of my Olivia. Please feel free to come up and visit any time. I have a great project Idea to teach your girls how to use a serger sewing machine. There is also a great Museum in K.C. about a sunken steamboat. It is truly amazing. Two great field trips.

Ah, Amy, aren’t seasonal changes the best!? So much to look forward to in each one…

Glad you liked the pics, Colleen! We swung by Wal-Mart right after family camp and utilized their one-hour photo service. Oh for a digital camera…lol!

Haley, it was the greatest and you are welcome for anything I did while there, it wasn’t near enough compared to all you’d BEEN doing the weeks prior to make it all come together so well. It was such a treat to see you and your hubby up leading the singing each time too, even with “littles” help on Sunday…too cute!

Leticia, get something started at your church! Maybe they’ll catch the drift…in fact, I know a church in your state, near the capital (not sure which city area you live in) that has awesome camps…they’re related to good friends of ours!

Definitely a highlight to have you and James drive in, Andrea! Can’t wait to take you up on your offer, and thanks for the tip on the museum, it does sound really good! Keep us all posted on any new “developments”, we’re praying!

No digital camera, oh my! I have an old one that I don’t use. Would you be interested? Scott has all the fancy camera stuff so I don’t ever have to worry about snapping pics and it is really collecting dust! Let me know!

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