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My friend Andrea gave birth to a baby girl today! Congratulations, Mama! We’re thrilled for you… And… MInTheGap happened to write an awesome pro-life post today: Children, Pregnant Mothers and […]

My friend Andrea gave birth to a baby girl today! Congratulations, Mama! We’re thrilled for you…


MInTheGap happened to write an awesome pro-life post today: Children, Pregnant Mothers and Doctor’s Know. He argues that everyone, from abortionists to young children realize that an unborn baby is not simply a blob of tissue. A snippet for you:

Feminist Jean Garton tells the moving story of her three-year-old, who wandered into her room late at night and inadvertently saw a photo of a ten-week abortion. his mother describes his reaction:

His small voice was filled with great sadness as he asked, “Who broke the baby?”

How could this small, innocent child see what so many adults cannot see? How could he know instinctively that this which many people carelessly dismiss as tissue or a blob was one in being with him, was like him? In the words of his question he gave humanity to what adults call “fetal matter”; in the tone of his question he mourned what we exalt as a sign of liberation and freedom. With a wisdom which often escapes the learned, he asked in the presence of evidence before his eyes, “Who broke the baby?”1

Go read the rest!

MInTheGap credited the following source: Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments

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In Ezekiel 13:19 in a passage that deals with lying prophets, there is a comment that, to me, speaks to the issue of abortion and of capital punishment in the same verse. “And will you pollute Me among my people for handsful of barley and for pieces of bread to slay the souls that should not die (unborn babies?) and to save the souls alive that should not live (capital punishment crimes)…by your lying to My people that hear your lies?”

In today’s world, lying prophets are everywhere downplaying the killing of unborn babies and sparing and even releasing back onto the streets those who perpetrate crime. I am glad and so thankful that we each stand or fall before God. I WILL believe the Scriptures no matter what the media, the talk shows or false pastors say.

What a great passage. I’m mulling over the idea of “polluting God”…which seems to me, exactly what the Emergent church is trying to do…or any of us that want to blur the lines of right and wrong to suit our own wants.

Thanks for sharing that verse, Mom, and your thoughts on it!

Mary, thank you for your post – it was beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. And I’d like you hear your “mullings” over “polluting God” and the Emergent church – my husband and I are mulling the same things.

Thanks, Andrea, for taking time to comment. The Emergent church is something I was made aware of last year, when another blogger was really digging into it. I happened to see a DVD put out by Worldview Weekend, I think the speaker’s name was Jason Carlson (?) and his warnings about the Emergent church really took my breath away. Brain MacLaren is one of the leaders of this movement, several say that Rick Warren is another. On the surface what they’re saying makes so much sense…but in reality, the Bible isn’t politically correct enough for their beliefs. Brian MacLaren even wrote an article at and said that the church needed to take a few years and consult professionals and therapists on the subject of homosexuality and confer together on whether the times have changed enough that we no longer need to heed God’s word on the subject. Not his exact words, just my paraphrase. You might be able to find the exact article with a search online with his name and in parentheses.

Anyway, I don’t feel like my musings on the subject are the bottom line, and until I gather my thoughts and back them with scripture, I probably won’t post about it here on the blog. It *is* something I need to research for myself, and in doing so, I’ll put what I find on the blog. We definitely need to be aware b/c the “tolerant” church can seem very appealing to those of us who don’t buy the legalistic lifestyle. However, grace and love of sinners isn’t the same as condoning continuing sin.

I’d love you and your husband’s thoughts on it as well.

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