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First~ Come over to Writer…Interrupted today and read my post, “Finding the Time”… Second~ Have you noticed the new “Comment Luv” plug-in here at the site in the comments section? […]


Come over to Writer…Interrupted today and read my post, “Finding the Time”


Have you noticed the new “Comment Luv” plug-in here at the site in the comments section? It’s a pretty nifty way of letting us know what your latest blogpost was, and you only have to enable it once. Go for it, I’m waiting!


Some of you know about my seven year old daughter’s two month long ordeal with inclusion cysts on her foot. Long story short, she got the mother of splinters neatly stuck in and out of the ball of her foot. I got most of the splinter out, but had to take her in to the doctor to get the rest. He thought he got it all, but in the next few weeks, she developed two blue-ish cysts about an inch below the “excavation” site of the splinter. Took her back to the same doctor, he lanced them, drained them and said if they came back we’d probably need to go the surgery route. So yesterday we took her to “the big city” to a podiatrist who gently manipulated her foot, X-rayed it, and is setting us up for a foot ultrasound. If the ultrasound shows a foreign body within the cyst, then he’ll want to cut it out, which means somewhat of a recovery and that 7 yo will have to hobble around on crutches for a short while. If there is no foreign body evident, then we play the “wait and see” game. This is what we’re praying for. I’m also making an appointment with an expert in Alternative Therapies to get her excellent advice before we jump into the surgery solution.

Thanks for all your prayers! Btw, 7 yo is in no pain from these cysts, and she is still feeling great after her four days of 103*+ fevers!

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We’re praying for you too Mary. Hope that all goes well tomorrow. Just heading over to Writer Interrupted to read your other post…have a wonderful day!!

Praying your daughter recovers quickly. Poor thing.

Wolfie has been running those high fevers too, and just this morning, it finally went down to 101.2, whew! That is so much better than 103! That was a little to high for me to handle calmly.

Praying for your little one and you today!

Thanks so much for including me in your great article about finding the time. It was a nice surprise and reminded me how good it is to learn from each other but to also be thankful for the path God has put us on and walk it well.

Thank you ALL for your prayers for my daughter. She is doing great. The ultrasound is showing something foreign in the cysts, so I know the podiatrist will want to do surgery. However! The alternative therapy gal in our nearby town assured me that most cysts dissolve on their own and she sounds optimistic that even this one, with the splinter remnants, could be reabsorbed/dissolved with proper immune therapy, etc. She is going to research our situation and get back to me. So we’ll hold off on the surgery till we know all our options. She really thinks that the high fevers of last week were probably my 7 yo’s body fighting off the infection in the cysts. Which would make sense, as none of the rest of us have gotten even a smidgen of the sickness 7 yo had. (Yikes, watch someone get sick now!) 🙂

Geri, thanks so much for your comment at WI, it made my day and you have many great suggestions for “finding more time”! I appreciate it.

MIn, I know a great web-master, if you’re ever in need of one! 😉 (For everyone else’s info, MInTheGap keeps my blog running at optimum performance! He’s great, and the initial inspiration behind this blog!)

Leticia, sorry to hear that Wolfie’s been sick. It’s not a picnic. I hope this evening finds him definitely over the hump.

Beck, thanks for the sympathy. She’s really had a rough couple of months, but thankfully is being very “stoic” about it all. Whew. I don’t think I could handle her bucking and screaming on the way into the dr’s office, but I might have at her age after all the cutting and digging our family practice doctor put her through.

Amy, you’re welcome so much. I’m so inspired by you, and blessed that you’ve taken me under your wing and been such an encouragement!

I’m glad you liked my suggestions! I am glad to hear you are making some headway with 7yo’s foot. That makes perfect sense to me about the fevers…poor gal and you are a very lucky Mom to have such a valiant soldier! I was just wondering-what is immune therapy? I hope she doesn’t have to go through with surgery, but I really hope you get to the bottom of this!

I’ll let you know as soon as I know more. I am thinking it must be a combination of chiropractic and supplements? The lady I talked to says they treat the whole body, muscles/back/emotions/health with nutrition, etc. I’m really excited to have found one so local!

Well, we’re still waiting to hear from both the podiatrist, now that he’s got the ultrasound results, and from the alternative therapies gal, who is doing some research of her own.

Still no pain, and we’re content to wait and see for now. Thanks for asking!

Mary, I so sorry I don’t get to your blog more often! I do best when I can sign up for it to go directly to my email.

I read your recent dilemma and MRSA (?) is a true threat, but God is able to watch over your little one. I’ll be praying for you and your 7 yr. old!

Thanks, Gina, we’re scheduled to have the surgery sometime in late March, and it’s a really quick, in and out procedure…so I know I have nothing to worry about! We do appreciate the prayers!

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