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Teaching Humility to Our Daughters

We just got back from our church’s annual Family Camp–a weekend getaway to a beautiful ranch retreat that’s tucked back in amongst hills and trees…so I’m getting laundry done, catching […]

We just got back from our church’s annual Family Camp–a weekend getaway to a beautiful ranch retreat that’s tucked back in amongst hills and trees…so I’m getting laundry done, catching up on emails, etc, and came across this “must-read” post!

Credits go to MInTheGap who has written “Teach Her Humility” at Weekend Kindness. Why am I so impressed with his post? Because we live in a culture that encourages parents to revolve their lives around their kids. Cherishing your children is excellent and Biblical, but babying them and sympathizing with them over every indignity, whether real or imagined, imo, only contributes to the spoiled and “ME-centered” outlook.

Every bad habit can be balanced out by focusing on its opposite…in this case, start young by teaching your children humility, and maybe you’ll avoid the “spoiled child syndrome” altogether. And remember, it’s never too late to re-train. If our kids can learn to be less focused on their own needs and disappointments, they’ll be so much better equipped for real life success in regards to friendships and marriage and ministry opportunities.

So go read MIn’s post!

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I totally agree with your post. I came over from Seeking Faithfulnesss. My 4 yod went to a week of VBS over the summer and the second day before we went in, she says, “They are going to be really happy to see me.” I notice that most of my children don’t need taught to have self-esteem, it’s usually quite the opposite – they need to be taught to think more highly of others than themselves!


Thanks for the plug, Mary. It’s definitely true that parents have gone too far when it comes to trying to give their children everything. And I’m sure part of this is because of the fact that most are having fewer of them.

MInTheGap’s last blog post..Teach Her Humility

Great point, Darlene! I’ve noticed some of that with my 4 year old as well…she’s got a t-shirt that says: “50% Mommy + 50% Daddy equals 100% perfect!” and she loves to wear it and point out what it says! Thankfully she doesn’t really “get it” (or at least I think she doesn’t!)…I think she just is pleased that she can “read” it but I’ve often thought a little thing like that could give her the wrong impression of herself! She used to say, “I know EVERYTHING”…ha. We were quick to point out that no one knows everything except God. That made her eyes big!

I’m so glad you took the time to comment, and thanks for letting me know you found me through Holly! I love her site!

MIn, congrats on a good thought-provoking post. Makes sense that bigger families wouldn’t have to deal so much with this issue. We’ve been watching some “Kids by the Dozen” episodes that a friend recorded and it’s so eye-opening…these families with 16 or more kids are amazing. The kids hearts are so big toward each other, I love to see it.

Wow! I absolutely agree. We actually had this conversation yesterday.

Most of us from my generation, did not have tons of toys, and we stayed outside all day long until it was dark.

It’s sad how self-centered children have become and how undisciplined they are. There is absolutely no respect for adults.

Leticia’s last blog post..I got my yard sign!

I love my memories of childhood, and they didn’t include much TV at all, but rather a lot of playing house out in the woodshed–washing my doll clothes outside in a real washtub, racing through tall grass in the pasture and burying time capsules of my “junk”…most of my toys were hand-me-downs, my clothes as well, and I didn’t know the difference. My girls adore receiving used clothes from friends…it’s such a treat.

I know how easy it is to spend money on my kids…and the more you spend on them, the more ungrateful they get. It’s crazy but true. I think one of the reasons we’ve never been rolling in dough is because God wants “more” for our children, in a “less is more” way of life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overspent on the kids at Christmas or a birthday and TOTALLY regretted it. I love to give and give generously…and admittedly it’s my downfall!!!

Why is it so easy to equate money with “the good life”?

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