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There’s a Nip in the Air!

Fall has arrived! Leaves are everywhere, and they’re so beautiful that my oldest has taken to finding the attractive ones and spraying them with a clear acrylic sealant to trap […]

Fall has arrived! Leaves are everywhere, and they’re so beautiful that my oldest has taken to finding the attractive ones and spraying them with a clear acrylic sealant to trap their autumn perfection…

I usually love the gradual change of Fall, from hot summer to winter’s cold, but this year the change seems a little too hurried for my tastes. In our area they’re calling for the first frost tonight, so upon arriving home from our homeschool-co-op classes we heaped two half-bushel baskets with garden produce. Probably a hundred green tomatoes, a countertop full of cucumbers and about 12 bell peppers. Sigh. It’s not like I don’t still have apples and pears staring me down at every trip through my back porch. And I am thankful, really! It’s just a bit overwhelming. I think I’m out of canning jars. Is that possible?

Our chickens are laying about 14 eggs a day now. So far we’re giving some away and using them up here at home with abandon. I can’t describe how amazing it is to retrieve a hot egg, fresh-laid by a hen. Our next project is going to have to be to run electricity to the chicken barn…they’re going to need more light and warmth as winter nears. Wouldn’t I love to have automatic waterers too. These ladies are going to be a lot more work if I have to break ice out of their waterers every day…

NO more winter woes, I promise! ;O)

So what are your favorite things about fall? Here are mine:

Big and little pumpkins. Hot bubble baths. Steaming mugs of tea. Cozy homebound days. Thick sweaters. Slippered feet. Fires in the fireplace. Bonfires. Flannel sheets. Soup. Baking bread. Candles. Thanksgiving. No. more. yardwork. Hallelujah!

Grow the list, my friends…help me muster up some fall spirit! ‘Cause it’s s’posed to reach 36 degrees tonight and I shouldn’t have to be *shivering this post out* from within the folds of my favorite fleece blanket–not on October 15th!

(Indian summer, what happened to you?)

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My favorite things about fall are the gorgeous yellows of the cottonwoods, the reds of the sumac and vines (ivy? oops)and the beauty of the bluestem prairie as it all turns the most beautiful apricot color, the bittersweet berries… I love the tastes of fall, apples (well, of course! I’m one of Mary’s apple helpers!), pumpkins, hot apple cider, home made breads..I love the anticipations of fall, Thanksgiving, family get-togethers, warming the house, snuggling under warm blankets…I love the moderation of the temperatures, the rain, the clouds, the end of the heat of summer, the banks of bright mums in front of houses in town. I love Genesis 8:22 that assures me of the ongoing seasons as long as the earth shall last. I love the faithfulness of God and my dh and my son and daughters. Life has pricks and it has perks. I’m so thankful that I can rejoice in the Lord always. And hey, I thank God for Mary and her blog!

What’s 36 deg in Farenheit? My fave things to do in autumn are pulling out all the winter blankets and clothes, getting firewood ready and curling up with some good books.

Hey Colleen, I was going to say that too…except it has been too chilly to open the windows and doors here! I ADORE the fall breezes…

Mom, if I’d thought of it first I would have listed the mums as well. They always catch my eye…so ornamental and lush! What a great list of enjoyments. And thanks for including me and my SO inactive blog! (Sorry it’s been so slow around here lately!)

MIn, I’ve always loved spring and fall as well. They’re the edge of both extremes, just perfect.

Amy, I think it’s between 2 and 3 degrees Celsius…chilly for me, and not what I like to see in October! My flowers are still abundant and they’re all going to die a premature death… :O(

Btw, I love good reads on cold, gloomy days too!

Hot chocolate is on my shopping list! 😉 You nailed several perfect ones, Betsy! Yes, apples are a huge part of fall, how could I forget?! And we’ve been loving the scarecrows…they are so much better than the goblins!

Thanks for coming by!

Ah yes, big piles of leaves…my girls made a mound at the base of the slide and love to dive in…

Oh Beck, I do love the excuse to wear fall colors and warmer clothing. I’m a sweater gal! Some people love shoes, I love sweaters! The button up kind, not pullovers as much…yes, rubber boots…I’m getting all sorts of good vibes!

Lucky you, I wish our weather was more conducive to leaving the windows open. It’s been too cold for that to me! Aren’t warm PJs the best?

Happy Fall!

The beautiful colours of the mountains as all the leaves change colours. We are in the process of getting our woodstove up to inspection and once it is approved we will be using that so I am really looking forward to having a nice warm wood fire cracking in the room. I love cozy homes in the fall/winter and finding a book and getting all settled on the couch with a warm quilt and reading, with a warm mug of cocoa/tea/etc. beside me and my loved ones around me; DH reading or watching sports beside me and LO playing with his toys on the floor beside me. I always wait for Halloween to end before I start getting all ready for Christmas and now looks like I can start!

And this will be your first Christmas in your house! And first Christmas with two little ones…you’ll have so much fun tending to all the special details!

You’ve described the perfect winter evening!

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