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Dreaming of Spring

Rainstorms last night and this morning have left the outdoors a bit too muddy for me, personally, to be out there enjoying it! But it’s 60 degrees out there and […]

Rainstorms last night and this morning have left the outdoors a bit too muddy for me, personally, to be out there enjoying it! But it’s 60 degrees out there and the wind is whipping,  sure to dry things out soon enough.

Small Comforts

So we’re letting the hope of springtime blow in through the windows. Why not? Rains tamped down any threat of dust, the temperature’s right, and I’ve been in a spring cleaning mood all morning! Windows MUST be open for the enthusiastic spring clean, right? Admittedly, I should say the desire is there, but  it hasn’t progressed beyond wishful thinking as we’ve been too busy doing school and crafting Valentines to get much cleaning accomplished. Quite the opposite, as mothers of crafters know all too well.

But I had to get on here and exclaim about this day! Can it possibly be the middle of February? We’ve had the corn stove turned off for three days! Three days!

What’s the weather like in your hometown? And doesn’t this picture beg you to pack a picnic and take to the woods? Ahh, I can smell the fresh air now!

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Isn’t it wonderful? So many times we’re snowed under in February…I’m in awe of this beautiful day. And the wind and sunshine dried up all the mud! Woo-hoo…even though we’re supposed to get more rain soon…

Glad you are able to get out in it too!

We’re busy putting the finishing touches on the greenhouse here, making soil blocks, and planting early seeds under grow lights for later transplant. We are seeding mostly cool weather crops like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuces. In our part of the country, you could be planting peas or snow peas in the garden now. We’re getting some beautiful weather days, interspersed with chilly days, reminding us that winter isn’t over yet.

Pruning is the garden chore for February. We are pruning apples, pears, apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, and blackberries – helping them get ready for fruiting season.

Everything seems to be “gearing up” on the farm, preparing for spring.

Our farm news verse for February is Isaiah 61:11: “For as the earth bringeth forth her bud, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.”

It is about 63 here and we are experiencing the dark skies and very strong winds, the rain storm passed us last night.

I wanted snow, but after this horrid ice storm, I am soooo…ready for spring!

интернет реклама, I agree, warm days in the middle of winter are rare and special! I’m always happy to welcome in the next season. Fickle soul that I am! And Happy Birthday, a few days late! 🙂

Farmer John, save some of that pruning for me to come see…if you’re not done anyway. I have a lot to learn in that area TOO. 😉 I’m suddenly getting “spring panic”…feeling in over my head indeed! I can just picture the hive of activity on your place the past few nice days! Can’t wait to see the greenhouse in business!

Leticia, there’s nothing like an ice storm to make me want to “move on” into spring! Here’s hoping the rest of winter is mild…

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