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Celebrating our January heat wave!

After weeks of gloomy skies and single digit nights, we finally saw the sun today! 44 degrees honestly felt like 75 to my sun-starved psyche. So this evening before dark, […]

After weeks of gloomy skies and single digit nights, we finally saw the sun today! 44 degrees honestly felt like 75 to my sun-starved psyche.

So this evening before dark, my husband hooked up the hillbilly sleigh–an old pick-up truck hood padded with horse blankets and strapped to the back of the four-wheeler (yes, I know, we’re insane). From then on it was a whirl, ride after ride swooshing down our curvy snow-packed lane,with us spinning halfway around the ATV on each side and oh, we had to hang on tight to jump the ditch into the fields and then: heart in your throat time!  Somehow I still managed to scream plenty. FUN times! Scary times. Reminded me of all the times hubby and I used to goof around like that in our dating days, with his dad and older brother. Hilarious wipe outs galore.

Family bonding of the best sort!

After the wild rides were over, we gathered wood and kindling and built a cozy fire in the grill pit. Though the temperature had dropped to 28 degrees, we were plenty warm inside! I’d thawed a stack of KC Strips and we happened to have half a bag of large marshmallows to roast.  Meat and sweets! I ran inside to put the tea kettle on for hot drinks, when the UPS truck rolled up the drive bearing my Christmas order of Black Currant tea from First Colony Coffee! Happy!

If you’ve never sipped a hot beverage in 28 degree weather, let me say you are missing out! Mmm. And the still night air, so crisp! And snow everywhere…made the steamy, fruity essence that much sweeter!

Oven baked fries will round out our winter frolic here in a bit, eaten inside, of course, with frosted mittens and snowsuits hanging in the laundry room to dry…

And I’m off…

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Oh… Marylynne I wish upon wish we were there with you. That sounds like soo much fun. Talk about Winter wonderland. The Weather man is calling for Snow tonight…Thank you so much for sharing.

Ah such fun! I can just imagine the screams and laughter that abounded! I too wish I could of been there to watch. There is no way this “ole lady” would of gone for a “ride”, hehe, I’d of been so sore I wouldn’t of been able to move for days! 🙂 But I would of loved watching all of you have a blast!

Jamie! I wish so too! Maybe…someday, right? 😉 Do you have good sledding hills to capitalize on?

Jan, I was going to observe from the four-wheeler, but my girls wheedled me onto the “sleigh”…I’m so glad they did! And I didn’t break my neck, or glasses, which was a real possibility! Yikes. Plus, lol, I knew I was scheduled for a chiropractic adjustment this Weds…so I threw all caution to the wind!

Thanks for commenting, gals, fun to see you here!

Oh my, sounds like some of the fun our young adult/college age group had back at FBC of Minneapolis in the 1950’s. In particular on New Years Eve, after the Watch Night Service we’d all head out to our sponsors and tobaggan, play games, etc. to watch the new year in.

Lots of times I’d broken my glasses too but such fun.

Thanks for sharing your fun time. Having your daughters together with you and then Rich driving, what a merry memory time.

Love Aunt Ruth

It was a merry time, Aunt Ruth. I’m glad we all survived to tell about it. ;O) I’m sure in MN you always had snow on NYE to facilitate such fun adventures! It sounds like a blast. Love ya!

Mary, that sounds so nice! What a hoot that the UPS truck came when it did! 🙂 I consider myself blessed to have your lovely blog to read.

Juli, it was a hoot, talk about perfect timing! Thanks for saying that, btw. I’ve mourned the loss of time to blog daily, mostly because I’ve lost touch with so many special people! I love your comments and emails too! ;O)

Hi Deborah,
Yes…snowman time. My 9 yo thinks that the snowmen need to be bigger every year…last year they had to roll the head up a piece of lumber to get it in place. The thing was taller than my husband. I really doubt we can best ourselves! We had friends over yesterday sledding, and finished up all the hot cocoa!

Fun to hear from you here! Thanks for stopping by!

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That sounds like so much fun! Every year on Christmas Eve after all of the guests leave, my sisters and I do something kind of similar to that. We tie up a sled to this hook on the trunk of my sister’s car and drive around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols.

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