Family Ties

Children: Our Mirrors

Mary here: MIntheGap kindly agreed to guest post here today! I’ve missed you all here in blogland, but between church, family, homeschooling and now jury duty my life is running away with me…but enough about me, read on!

Children: Our Mirrors

One of the most humbling things about being a parent that I have found was how much my children are me. My oldest child is like me in so many ways:

  • He has the physical build I had when I was young (my wife feeds me too well now!)
  • He has the same set of interests that I had (I was always the indoors child)
  • He has the same type of memory– that can tell you where something is even though you don’t believe he could possibly remember.
  • He tends to want to be the third parent– what first child doesn’t?

What’s humbling is the times where you can see yourself in your children. I’m not simply talking about the word choices (I mean, what child knows truly what a chrysalis is– to them, it’s a Christmas) or their tastes, I’m talking about they react to the world– what they deem important.

I’m blessed that my children like to hear Bible stories, they like to memorize Scripture. My wife told me that the other day they were out in the yard enacting a scene from David and Goliath. The trouble was that they were using real stones!

And then there are the times that they reflect the poor character traits that we have. How we respond to frustration they do as well. If we raise our voices, so do they. They reflect and parrot us because they look up to us. We’re their world to them– especially when they are young.

How’s your reflection in the “mirror?” Do you like what you see?

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