Head Colds

What to do when sneezing progresses to coughing, and drippy noses turn into absolutely worthless stuffed blobs in the middle of your face?

Don’t know if any of you remember the hydrogen peroxide remedy I mentioned back in October…but I’ve had a chance to try it a few times and wanted to update everyone. It works!

It seems the key is catching the cold at the beginning symptoms. I soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and tilt my head, squeezing a few drops into one ear at a time. The link to all the hydrogen peroxide testimonials says to let it fizz in each ear for 5 or more minutes. I’ve done the remedy 3 times since I posted about it, twice on myself after recognizing a few cold symptoms (stuffy head, sneezing, drippy nose), and once on my daughter. And she was 3 days into her head cold before the light went on in this mom’s head to try the “hp” treatment on her. She’s infinitely better on day four!

Other things we do include taking a chewable Vitamin C and liquid echinaccea (make sure it’s a non-alcohol base). I’m really hearing a lot of good things about Congaplex by Standard Process (especially for treating recurrent Strep infections) and my medical dr always recommends sucking on a zinc lozenge. Zinc is known for boosting the immune system.

Speaking of zinc, if you’re pregnant, and wanting a good read go here: Zinc for Colds While Pregnant: How much is too much? 

Harder to swallow, is the apple cider vinegar treatment…my friend Deborah gave me the info on that…still learning. Did you know the health food stores sell a type of this vinegar that has the “mother” in it? It’s very good for you! :O) Deborah also gave me the tip to use lemon juice in the ears to bring down a fever.

I’d love to hear what works for you…

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Hysterectomy Support

In researching for one of my novels, I came upon this wonderful site: Hyster Sisters. What a great source of information and support not only for the woman undergoing the procedure, but also for her daughters, her husband and any other family member who wants to know what to expect and how best to help from the initial diagnosis all the way through the recovery process.

This website has everything. It’s visually attractive, has message boards, book recommendations, health supplement recommendations, articles, and a very gracious peaceful atmosphere. If my mom or sister or friend were undergoing a hysterectomy, this site would be invaluable in my opinion.

My heart goes out to anyone facing this procedure. Big sigh. My heroine faces ovarian cancer, thus the research into hysterectomies. Though second-hand is nothing to actual experience,  writing these chapters was feeling the heart-stopping, mind-reeling, lung-gasping reaction to two certain buzzwords: cancer and hysterectomy. (It also made me very aware of how silent a killer ovarian cancer is. It’s hardly ever caught in time, and reaches quite a span of women from teens to the elderly.)

And yet, hysterectomies are not always necessary. For instance, if you’re suffering from a pelvic organ prolapse, there are other alternatives.  Please, don’t rely soley on your medical dr’s opinion. Do your own research. You may still end up going the hysterectomy route, but at least you’ll feel good about your decision being the right one.

Find out what a “swelly belly band” is and why you want one before surgery. Buy yourself or your loved one The Princess Package complete with nightshirt, the Hyster Sisters book, mug and crown…

And for the one out there with an appointment next week, my prayers are with you! Hugs!

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Alternatives to the Flu Vaccine

Please don’t get the flu vaccine.

About 80% of the flu vaccines out there contain 25 micrograms of mercury per dose. The EPA’s safe limit for mercury is 0.1 mcg/kg. Talk about an overdose. Thimerosal is the mercury based culprit to look for. Phenol and aluminum are also highly toxic. And the new FluMist nasal spray and its sidekick (the same thing in needle form) are full of them.

Plus, one of the world’s leading immunogeneticists–Hugh Fudenberg–says that your chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease is ten times higher if an individual has 5 consecutive shots than if they have one, two or no shots. Is this a proven link between the influenza vaccine and Alzheimers? No. But we need to be aware.

Dr. Mercola has a fascinating article to back me up. Even better, he suggests alternatives, such as avoiding all sugar to help build up your body against the germs we all fear this time of year.

Go to the National Vaccine Information Center to use the Mercury Calculator. Enter your child’s weight and the brand name or manufacturer of the vaccine, and it will let you know if the mercury levels have exceeded the EPA’s standard. I’d call the doctor’s office or health department before vaccinating to get the brand names. Be forewarned.

From the same source (NVIC) you’d read the following:

“Mercury is a known neurotoxin and drug companies removed mercury preservatives from over-the-counter products in the early 1990’s but the FDA has not enforced its 1999 directive regarding vaccines. While mercury has been reduced in many childhood vaccines, some flu vaccines given to pregnant women and infants still contain so much mercury that a person would have to weigh 500 pounds to safely get a flu vaccination according to EPA standards.”

The CDC Web site’s main message: “The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each fall.” And babies 6-23 months are listed as one of the priority groups for flu vaccines.

Consumer advocate Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the NationalVaccine Information Center, has a different perspective.

“Children these days get so many vaccines that they almost always get them together on the same day. Use of the flu vaccine in combination with other childhood vaccines in babies this young amounts to a national medical experiment on American babies. The science should precede the policy and not the other way around.”

Check it out. At the very least, do a search on mercury-laden vaccines and autism. I have three friends who’ve been devastated firsthand by vaccines. That’s a few too many.

Oh, and if by chance, you or a loved one succumbs to the flu, try this simple remedy. Hydrogen peroxide. Half a capful in each ear several times a day. If you need more info, simply click on the link I included above (Hydrogen peroxide).