Thirteen Ways to Make the Most of Your Time

Thirteen Things about Making the Most of Your Time1. Get a maid and hire a tutor for your previously homeschooled kids. (This isn’t in the financial picture for me, soooo…read on!) 

2. Start each day with God! Your day will be amazing!

3. Skip cereal and feed your kids fresh fruit and toast…no dirty dishes to wash!

4. Keep up with your laundry! Teach the kids to fold and use Spray ‘n Wash (nuff said!)

5. And speaking of the above, limit your kids on clothes. Do they really need their drawers overflowing with 10-20 shirts, etc…it just makes more laundry and a headache when you find yourself buying a new dresser because they broke a drawer that was too full… (preaching at myself here!)

6. Use your crock-pot, or mega-cook by fixing twice the meal you need and freezing the extra!

7. Someone wise once told me to give your children your undivided attention for 15 minutes every hour…

8. This goes back to number 3. Teach your children the life skills they need and in return they’ll feel a much needed part of the family! My kids love the days when I give them a to-do list and they can go through it marking things off.

9. We’ve all heard this one: the night before church or work or school, lay out clothing, iron what needs ironed, etc.

10. Go to bed late, get up early. Hey, they say that you can get too much sleep you know!

11. If you have a lot to do and a little bit of time in which to do it…drink coffee. Or something caffeinated! (Where did I set that mug down?) 

12. Um. (Drumming my fingers from too much caffeine) Don’t drink too much of it or you’ll have a hard time sleeping!

13. Pick easy no brainers for your TT memes (winking right back at you!)

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The Mark of a Christian

If you’ve read the Left Behind series, you know that author’s Jenkins and LaHaye portray late tribulation Christians as having a mark on their forehead that only other Christians recognize. Everyone else wears the mark of the beast.

Yesterday at the pool, my toddler found another toddler to play around with. This other toddler’s parents were there, and also two older siblings. I found myself wondering if they were Christians just by some simple observations.

One, the mom, in her maternity suit, was relaxing at pool’s edge reading a book. Of course, I angled myself to see what she was reading and it was a non-fiction, nothing scandalous.

My second observation was that this was a young couple (mid-to-late twenties?) and they had 3 young children and another on the way. In this culture, that is a big step of faith, don’t you think?

Last, their two little girls were in one piece bathing suits. Now why would they do that? I mean, two piece suits are much easier to maneuver for diaper changes and trips to the bathroom. And two piece suits are generally more available, and sometimes more adorable than their one piece counterparts!

It just made me stop and think. What about us and our actions reveals our heart? I don’t “judge” others for letting their toddlers wear bikinis. In fact, when my oldest was that age my sil and mil were always buying cute two pieces and for a while I stifled my inner convictions and told myself it was convenient and okay. After all, we are not under law but under grace.

I could be completely wrong about this family. I wish I’d gone out on a limb and asked but I didn’t.

As the culture erodes more and more of our Christian values, how will the rest of the population know we are Christians? Is it obvious?

Maybe it should be.