Twists on Easy Lunch Ideas

Over at the Choosing Home Blog, the theme of the week is lunch…and how to keep it simple but not hum-drum! There are some great ideas over there!

Here are a few easy ones we like:

  • grilled pb&j (make like grilled cheese), you could also grill peanut butter and banana, or skip the grilling and make peanut butter and honey sandwiches
  • quesadillas (tortillas buttered on each side and grilled with shredded cheese and salsa inside)
  • tortilla roll-ups…spread cream cheese on tortilla, add ham or other meat and a leaf of lettuce and roll
  • breakfast burritos (yep, on a tortilla roll here) –we put scrambled eggs, cheese and salsa in ours
  • homemade mac & cheese with dill (I LOVE dill!)

An apple or two, a bunch of grapes, yogurt or baby carrots make a healthy side. I also keep a bag of frozen mixed veggies in the freezer for a quick fall back…My personal favorite: green salad which we have at least two-three times a week…

What are your favorite lunches?

4 thoughts on “Twists on Easy Lunch Ideas”

  1. One that my hubby likes is to put cream cheese spread on then layer it with egg, cheese and ham. makes for a tasty lunch!

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