May 28, 2024

True Confessions: Today at Our House

It took me and my six year old an hour just to dictate/write ten spelling words, review phonagram cards/spelling rule cards, and to read two “early readers” together. We may have overdone it as I had to bring her down from the verge of tears twice. Her attention tends to wander, she thinks by guessing she’ll save herself time, etc.

My toddler was watching “Miss Pattycake” the whole time we worked, and my oldest was outside playing with her puppies.
I did snag her eventually and we got her school work mostly done, and finished with six year old’s other subjects by lunchtime (including laps around the house on foot and on bike–does that redeem me?). 

Six year old is SO close to reading fluently, I’ve just gotta stay on top of it. Her tears totally demotivate me. She would have been reading last year (kindergarten) if I’d been consistent with sitting down and plodding through the early readers. Sigh.

My biggest confession: I’ve discovered how motivating watermelon licorice is.

Bad mommy, slapping my hand as I hit publish…


6 thoughts on “True Confessions: Today at Our House

  1. Have you heard of “How to Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons?”

    I swear, the book saved us from TONS of trouble. Zane is turning 7 in October and went from reading nothing last year to about a second grade level with EASE. I am not kidding!

  2. Thank you Michelle! I have heard of it, looked it over 3 years ago with my first, and bought Spell to Write and Read instead. Something like 100 Easy lessons might work better with dd #2 though. My oldest did great with SWR, was reading at 3rd grade level within 6 weeks, but she’s a lot more self-motivated.
    I’m glad you reminded me of this book! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’m so glad to hear your a normal homeschooler with typical “problems” and not just a creative, fun, homeschooling supermom. 🙂

    My six year old first grader fights me anytime it’s time to read, or do a math page. His reading is still choppy, but that’s because I didn’t push him to read this summer. We haven’t officially started school, but reading daily for him is going to be high on the list.

    Oh and his choice of motivation, playing video games, though I’m sure candy would work, but I’m afraid I have enough trouble keeping him in his chair. Over the summer he earned double video time for the amount of time he reads! It really did help.

  4. A very normal homeschooler! I enjoyed summer so much, except that it flew by!
    We mom’s have the prerogative to pull out the motivators when needed, huh. I wish the video games and tv/movies didn’t compete so much with school. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my girls when they’ve watched a movie. They have less tolerance for quiet work like schoolwork. I was talking about this with another homeschool mom, and she said her kids don’t get any tv/video games till all their schoolwork is done and it provides a great motivation…esp if they tend to dawdle the day away to avoid getting their assignments done.

    I used the floor game as a review and also threw in a few new facts for challenges…it was a hit. Hope you have fun with it.

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