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Rainy Days and Tea Pots

I love tea pots. I only have two, and both were special wedding gifts. I use them whenever I have a good excuse for a tea party. Haven’t had a chance to make Chelsea buns yet, but with weather gloApples and Teaoming and we girls on the verge of “dooming”, I mixed up some lemon-poppyseed muffins (not from scratch), got the sugar cubes down and an almond dessert tea steeping…and we had a party!Nothing like a tea party to lift enthusiasm, especially on a damp and overcast day. My favorite treats would be scones with mock devonshire cream and jam, crustless cucumber sandwiches, cream puffs, cheesecake…mmm!


What Style Are You?

I admit I haven’t got any style choices for you to choose from in describing yourself, I’m just curious. If anyone knows of a neat site or quiz to help in determining this, would you please share it in comments and I’ll post it here? Thanks.

If you haven’t discovered The Space Between My Peers yet, check it out. Rebecca has great fashion advice that’s both frugal and modest, and pictures galore to illustrate her tips! I thoroughly enjoyed my stop!

Okay, so humor me by answering the following questions:

What do you wear when grocery shopping? I wear straight leg jeans or capris and a tee-shirt, sandals in summer, athletic shoes in winter. I’d like to expand my skirt wardrobe and wear skirts more exclusively this fall/winter…I have a wonderful pair of dark brown leather clogs that I love with long skirts!
What do you wear on a date with your spouse, or dinner with your friends? My guy’s a cowboy and loves the country-girl look…so for him I usually wear a long denim skirt with flats, or western jeans with boots. I also have a couple of western shirts that I love with the little snapped pockets and cap sleeves. I dress similarly for dinner with friends, except I’m more likely to skip the western jeans and wear my favorite pair of brown slacks with my peach-colored button up shirt with three-quarter length sleeves. We live in the small town mid-west, where casual is an understatement!

What do you wear to church? I don’t wear jeans, but I have been known to wear nice slacks and tailored shirts. However, in the last year I’ve been switching over to wearing skirts/dresses exclusively for church attendence. I have daughters that love dresses, and they love me in dresses. Don’t want to jeopardize that, especially in a world that doesn’t promote modesty.

How about you? And, if you want to, share your hair and eye color also…My eyes are green-to-hazel, and my hair is brown and to my mid-back.