What Style Are You?

I admit I haven’t got any style choices for you to choose from in describing yourself, I’m just curious. If anyone knows of a neat site or quiz to help in determining this, would you please share it in comments and I’ll post it here? Thanks.

If you haven’t discovered The Space Between My Peers yet, check it out. Rebecca has great fashion advice that’s both frugal and modest, and pictures galore to illustrate her tips! I thoroughly enjoyed my stop!

Okay, so humor me by answering the following questions:

What do you wear when grocery shopping? I wear straight leg jeans or capris and a tee-shirt, sandals in summer, athletic shoes in winter. I’d like to expand my skirt wardrobe and wear skirts more exclusively this fall/winter…I have a wonderful pair of dark brown leather clogs that I love with long skirts!
What do you wear on a date with your spouse, or dinner with your friends? My guy’s a cowboy and loves the country-girl look…so for him I usually wear a long denim skirt with flats, or western jeans with boots. I also have a couple of western shirts that I love with the little snapped pockets and cap sleeves. I dress similarly for dinner with friends, except I’m more likely to skip the western jeans and wear my favorite pair of brown slacks with my peach-colored button up shirt with three-quarter length sleeves. We live in the small town mid-west, where casual is an understatement!

What do you wear to church? I don’t wear jeans, but I have been known to wear nice slacks and tailored shirts. However, in the last year I’ve been switching over to wearing skirts/dresses exclusively for church attendence. I have daughters that love dresses, and they love me in dresses. Don’t want to jeopardize that, especially in a world that doesn’t promote modesty.

How about you? And, if you want to, share your hair and eye color also…My eyes are green-to-hazel, and my hair is brown and to my mid-back.

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  1. Just stopping in to say that I really like this site! Very unique and fun!

    As for my style, except for the western look, everything else you described, is basically what I wear to places, too. And having girls, I love to have them wear dresses and luckily, they love it too! And like you, I try never to wear to jeans on a Sunday, but have been known to wear nice pants.

    Anyway, thank you for visiting my memories of 9\11. I’ve bookmarked you!

  2. Hi Mary! I’m so happy to meet you. I LOVE your questions!

    I have written a little style quiz, it’s in the basics section in my sidebar. From what you’ve said, you probably fall in the nostalgic,functional, and/or traditional style personality categories. Someday I hope to get back to the quiz and make it longer.

    Here’s what I usually wear:

    1) Grocery shopping: this time of year I’m wearing jeans, pretty color t-shirt, and Chaco sandals. I ALWAYS take a cardigan or jean jacket, something because the stores are kept so cold!

    2) Out to dinner: usually jeans and heels, nice shirt or t-shirt and blazer or sweater. Not too exciting.

    3) To church: I rarely wear jeans (a couple of times a year, when I’m working in the nursery). I like church to be something special. Summer, it’s always a skirt; Winter, almost always wool trousers, although I am getting a few wool and/or silk skirts. I had my suede boots water-proofed, so I can still have my legs completely covered.

    What fun! Thanks for playing with us:)

  3. 1. Jeans, t-shirt, and flipflops or cowboy boots.

    2. Jeans, button-down top, and cowboy boots; or 50’s style circle skirt, whatever shirt matches, and flipflops.

    3. Circle skirt, nicer shirt, and flipflops; or tiered brown skirt with vintage looking shirt and sandals. With cooler weather on the horizon, I have some long plaid skirts I’ll wear with some brown suede boots.

    My hair is medium brown, curly, and a couple of inches past my shoulders, and I have green eyes. 🙂

  4. I have to comment– if only because I’m a guy and it’ll be funny!

    1. Grocery Store? Whatever I happen to have on! If I’m coming from work: Polo Shirt and Dress Slacks– black shoes. If I’m around the house– shorts in the summer with a t-shirt and winter time jeans and a t-shirt.

    2. Dinners out? Polo/button down shirt and slacks (sometimes jeans). Coordinated footwear. 🙂

    3. Button down shirt, tie (if my sport coats are clean/repaired I wear one from Fall-Spring (no AC in the chuch building)), slacks, black shoes.

    Dark Brown hair– that’s spikey the way Virtuous Blonde likes it and brown eyes.

  5. What do you wear when grocery shopping? Usually, if I just got off work, my scrubs. If not, more than likely, overalls, I have three pairs, nope make that four pairs.

    What do you wear on a date with your spouse, or dinner with your friends? Low waist jeans, and a nice top.

    What do you wear to church? Usually skirts and blouses, and in the evening, my overalls or waist-top jeans and a nice top.

    I like the hippy/peasant look and I usually wear that type of style to church.

  6. Great questions! It’s funny but it sounds like I look similar to you, I also have green eyes, long brown hair but as for the clothing I admit I mostly wear jeans – I love them, jean skirts are good too, um what else? I usually dress neatly, I’m on a budget so I don’t go for labels. My grandmother once said to me “no matter what your financial situation is never let yourself go” and it’s true, you can still look nice without spending the big monies on how you look.

  7. Well, this summer I became a “mostly skirts” gal. So I can answer all the questions similarly & then tell ya why. (Whether you wnt to hear it or not.. 🙂 )
    I wear nice, long, mostly straight but some broomstick skirts all the time. Shopping, out to dinner (rare), cooking, gardening, etc. My shoe choices vary although this summer it was mostly a pair of earthly, heavy brown sandals. Now that it is getting cooler, I found a pair of nice brown leather clogs and some cute long trouser sockes. I’ll also inevitably have to add cuddlduds underneath the skirts to survive the ND winter.
    This is where I am at though…this summer after having had baby #4 in the spring, I went to put on a pair of capris that were once my favorite. When I looked in the mirror I was surprised/shocked at how unattractive, unfeminine I looked. Too form fitting as well. As I began to pull out things for every dya that used to be reserved for church, I noticed I took more care on my daily apprearance and looking “lovely” and feminine for my dh. And BTW, we had a WARM summer and it was SO much cooler than pants, capries or even shorts, I promise!
    Now I am started to lose that baby weight (whoohoo!) and am finding great deals on attractive, feminine skirts and shirts (Christopher Banks!!) and continue combing thrift stores for great deals. You can look pretty, trendy (although that’s not p riority for me personally) yet maintain a feminine air about you. And now my girls are choosing skirts more and more often and I love it!!
    Like MAry’s, my dh is a cowboy and doesn’t want me to lose that “flavor” so I please him by occasionally wearing jeans around the farm and the more western looking broomstick skirts will be coming out for winter because you can so easily layer something under them and no one will know.
    Just my .02…okay maybe more like a dime! 😉 And it cost ya nothin’!

  8. PS. Mary, can you post of pic of some cute, simple skirts I whipped up for the girls out of an old pair of jeans?

  9. I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl, though I try to fight it at times. My daughter is into dresses too, and I’m into putting her in them because she looks so beautiful. I’d like to switch to more skirts and dresses myself and have thought of learning to sew for just that purpose.

    1. Jeans and Ts.
    2. Jeans and nice tops.
    3. Slacks and nice tops.

    Dresses are a bit tough right now with nursing.

  10. Wow! I love all of y’all’s styles!
    Tammy, thanks for returning my visit and sharing your style!
    Rebecca, I’ll have to come over and try out your quiz, thanks for telling me about it!
    Lindsay, I wish I had curly hair!
    MInTheGap-laughing at your initial comment, thanks for posting!
    Leticia-scrubs? Are you a nurse? I, too, like the peasant look and empire waists…so feminine!
    Amy-I thought from your pic that you had shorter hair!
    Jana, you bet, email me that pic and I’ll try to get it on here…:O) Can’t wait to see it! Loved hearing where you’re finding skirts for good deals, I’ll have to see if I can find Christopher Banks online.
    Erika-I well remember the nursing days of no dresses (unless they buttoned down and I only had one that did)…

  11. It sounds like you have a cute wardrobe. I always said that when I lost the weight I’d put on over the past 2 years, I’d switch to skirts. Sadly, it hasn’t happened. Somehow, I can’t even make myself shop when I think I might have a chance to lose a few more pounds. That being said, I usually wear shorts or jeans with short sleeve knit tops, oh yeah, I have a couple of sleeveless wovens. Our church is so casual though, I’d look way out of place in a skirt, but no one would probably notice, LOL. Now you’ve got me thinking about it again:)

  12. I don’t claim to have style. Grocery Shopping: I dress for comfort-its a long hard job. Dates: Honestly I dress sexy. Thats what hubby likes. Although I don’t over step my own modesty bounds. Church: I almost always wear a dress or skirt.

  13. Georgiana, skirts are more slimming than pants! But I know what you mean, why invest in something bigger than your ideal, right? The nice thing about skirts is that they can cover a range of sizes…:O)

    Bethanie, “comfortable” is a style in my book!

  14. Thought provoking for me…

    1–Jeans (or knit pants)& sweater
    2– ” ”
    3– ” ”
    Probably what would be a better change for me is to consider what I’m wearing when not going anywhere–I tend to favor jog suits & flannel pants, sweatshirts ect & rarely bother w/ make-up or my hair unless I’m going somewhere. Perhaps I should & I wouldn’t feel/look so slovenly.

  15. Jessica,I think so much depends upon your personality. I never wear make-up here at home unless I’m having friends over. I, too, love jeans and sweaters.

  16. Let me highly recommend a book called For Women Only by Shaunte Feldheim (big ? if that’s her correct name though :O). Will revolutionize your thinking about dressing sloppily around the house and what you look like when the love of your life saunters in. Think about it…what message do we send when we sit around the house in old dirty sweats for our family to see all day everyday and then when we are going “out” we get all spiffed up, put on our best?!? See what I mean? Your dh wants you to look lovely for him…what did you look like when you were dating? Not weight, not no gray hair or wrinkles. But how much TIME did you invest to impress him. Shouldn’t you be doing that still??

  17. Definitely! Not to mention how good you feel inside about yourself. In my case, dh prefers me with no make-up…he’s au natural, my man! But I do have certain clothes I only wear to deep clean and make sure I’m outta them by the time he rolls around! I just love to have an afternoon bath, for instance…and meet him at the door…

    But sheesh, you don’t need to know all that, lol!

    Thanks so much for the book recommendation! Jotting it down…

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