Alternatives to the Flu Vaccine

Please don’t get the flu vaccine.

About 80% of the flu vaccines out there contain 25 micrograms of mercury per dose. The EPA’s safe limit for mercury is 0.1 mcg/kg. Talk about an overdose. Thimerosal is the mercury based culprit to look for. Phenol and aluminum are also highly toxic. And the new FluMist nasal spray and its sidekick (the same thing in needle form) are full of them.

Plus, one of the world’s leading immunogeneticists–Hugh Fudenberg–says that your chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease is ten times higher if an individual has 5 consecutive shots than if they have one, two or no shots. Is this a proven link between the influenza vaccine and Alzheimers? No. But we need to be aware.

Dr. Mercola has a fascinating article to back me up. Even better, he suggests alternatives, such as avoiding all sugar to help build up your body against the germs we all fear this time of year.

Go to the National Vaccine Information Center to use the Mercury Calculator. Enter your child’s weight and the brand name or manufacturer of the vaccine, and it will let you know if the mercury levels have exceeded the EPA’s standard. I’d call the doctor’s office or health department before vaccinating to get the brand names. Be forewarned.

From the same source (NVIC) you’d read the following:

“Mercury is a known neurotoxin and drug companies removed mercury preservatives from over-the-counter products in the early 1990’s but the FDA has not enforced its 1999 directive regarding vaccines. While mercury has been reduced in many childhood vaccines, some flu vaccines given to pregnant women and infants still contain so much mercury that a person would have to weigh 500 pounds to safely get a flu vaccination according to EPA standards.”

The CDC Web site’s main message: “The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each fall.” And babies 6-23 months are listed as one of the priority groups for flu vaccines.

Consumer advocate Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the NationalVaccine Information Center, has a different perspective.

“Children these days get so many vaccines that they almost always get them together on the same day. Use of the flu vaccine in combination with other childhood vaccines in babies this young amounts to a national medical experiment on American babies. The science should precede the policy and not the other way around.”

Check it out. At the very least, do a search on mercury-laden vaccines and autism. I have three friends who’ve been devastated firsthand by vaccines. That’s a few too many.

Oh, and if by chance, you or a loved one succumbs to the flu, try this simple remedy. Hydrogen peroxide. Half a capful in each ear several times a day. If you need more info, simply click on the link I included above (Hydrogen peroxide).

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  1. Ohhh…yah! something for me to check next time I go there! I love going there…so many interesting things! But I won’t be buying it till I get a mill…lol another thing to put on my wishlist for Wade to get me!

  2. LOL just start making it by hand and he’ll love it and just mention how time-consuming it is squeezing all those oranges, etc. by hand and how easy it would be with a juicer…but I guess that would only work if he really loved the home-made juice.

  3. Well, he’s made me fresh squeezed OJ before, one of the real treats of my life, because he is sooo not comfortable in the kitchen! So he knows what a pain it is! He also loves fresh squeezed lemonade…but I’ve gotten in the habit of just slicing lemons, putting them in glass quart sized jars with some sugar and shaking the dickens out of them…it’s even better if I plan ahead and let it sit in the fridge overnight! Mmmm!

    My friend Deborah once spoiled me with the best juice…she owned a very nice quality juicer and made a carrot-celery-apple juice cocktail that was TO DIE FOR. I’ve wanted one ever since. That was oh, 12-13 years ago!

  4. Yummy, what an interesting combo…I will have to remember to try it if I ever get a juicer. I love lemon-water (I’m lazy and just make lemon slices in water).

  5. CENA-I wasn’t feeling well with cramps and nauteous stomach yesterday so I tried the raspberry leaf tea yesterday…I don’t know how but I felt much better and so I had several cups throughout the day. I have never been able to get stuff done on Day 1 before! Normally I am so incapacitated I have to be in bed all day. Thank you!

  6. Hurray, Geri, and we thank my midwife…who also helped me cure varicose veins by drinking fresh juiced pineapples during my pregnancies. This is by far the most delicious drink in the universe.
    Oh, there is a house I drive by to go grocery shopping that sells 40# bags of organic oranges from a help yourself stand, and yesterday the stand was up!!! I was so excited, and put in my $5 and we are loving the sweet oranges. They only have the stand up for about 2 1/2 months, but oh, yum. I have been juicing 2 at a time, sprinkling a little stevia, and filling the glass with water, just like lemons, and my personal favorite grapefruit. The oranges are cheap, the lemons are usually free during the winter, but I need a grapefruit tree. I think I’m going to stop and ask people who have a tree if I can pick and buy them. I have 2 scoped out in front yards…dare me? Have you ever asked strangers for fruit like that , when it just falls on the ground?

  7. I WISH! We don’t have many neighbors with fruit, especially no oranges, lemons or grapefruits! Wrong climate, boo-hoo. I bought a bunch of naval oranges at the supermarket, that, I’m sure can hardly compare to your lovely native juicy organic oranges! Yum. Enjoy them for all of us less fortunate ones! We try to get to the orchard each fall for pears and apples, but even then, it’s not an organic orchard, and the past two years there aren’t any apples to be found locally due to late frosts killing everything off. I did get some big bags of Gala apples at a buy 1 get 1 free special yesterday…so some apple treats are in the making.

    Thanks for sharing that tip on the fresh pineapple juice! It does sound delicious! Thankfully I’ve never had vericose veins, but know several ladies that were plagued with them…poor things! I’m ever amazed at the natural preventatives that the MD’s don’t know enough to recommend!

  8. Love natural means of care. And when I complained about the price of pineapples, my husband said drugs and surgery are far more expensive and not at all tasty!

  9. I know what you mean! I am shocked at how the raspberry leaf tea worked!! Please thank your midwife for me…me and my sister have been plagued with this ever since we “grew up” and I am so glad to have found something that relieves the symptoms and even more happy that it’s natural. And hearing you talking about the fruits!! I wish we had that here…we are in foot-deep snow here…so no chance of anything growing right now. I love how those fresh oranges sound though! Yummy!! And interesting about the varicose veins and pineapple juice. I hope I remember that if I encounter that in the future!

    Mary-you changed the site background…looks great!!!

  10. Cena, you have a smart hubby! 😉

    Geri, yes, I was playing around with the site colors last night but didn’t really do much in the end. Somehow I changed that header bar to red…strange! Now I can’t get it back, but it’s Christmasy, don’t you think? 😉 If I had more time, I’d love to do a makeover here, but I don’t really have the time, especially as it would take FOREVER since I’m not very websmart!

  11. I searched for vaccines on your blog, Mary and came across all the wonderful comments! My daughter is 13 months and is overdue for the MMR and Varicella. I had decided not to give her these vaccinations, or at least to postpone them until I was more sure. I have been fretting over this since pregnancy. Anyway, it turns out that my husband is going on a mission trip to an area that has a huge outbreak of Measles and Mumps. This has caused concern with our Pediatrician, who pleaded with me to vaccinate her. I am so unsure now. I don’t have a gut feeling, nor am I leaning in a direction… it changes each hour. It would be easier not to vaccinate her if I was at least fairly sure she wouldn’t be exposed. Measles & mumps can live several days on a surface and only bleach can kill the virus’. I’d love any thoughts on this.

  12. It’s such a tough decision, Amy! You know though, in places like China, they don’t vaccinate for these things till the child is much older…not sure on actual years…I’m wanting to say 2 years old? We had a whooping cough epidemic in our area two years ago, when our unvaccinated youngest was only 1 year old. Believe me I had my anxieties, but nothing happened to us. “They” say that it’s much more likely that our unvaxxed children will be exposed to these viruses through other children who have just been vaccinated…evidently they carry contagions for a couple days afterward.

    I think, in your case, I wouldn’t vaccinate yet. Since it’s just your hubby going and not you and your daughter…and most likely, your hubby can decontaminate himself and his clothing, etc upon arriving home. What is his gut feeling? I’m sure it’s harder than ever for you, with your nursing background!

    I hope Cena weighs in on this, she’s really knowledgeable about these things. What little I have read just has me more scared of vaccinating than of actual exposure to these childhood diseases.

  13. Well, I had both mumps and German measles as a child, with no ill effects. My mom was an RN. I wouldn’t vaccinate my own children in this situation, but I sure would bleach my husband;) Actually, I would do all his clothes from the trip in the wash with a very mild bleach solution, and he has bathed in a very, very mild bleach solution to stop a bad (horrible) break out of poison oak once. It didn’t harm him. I would wipe down everything I could find from his trip…But most viruses/bacteria die within 3 minutes of being thoroughly dry, right?
    Also, like Mary said, I would probably go with my husbands opinion in the situation, he has a tendency to see clearer about what I have made emotional or attached fear to. I would pray diligently and ask God for that gut feeling that seems to be missing. Also, when my husband & I both pray aloud together about anything, God gives us a similar opinion and peace soon afterwards.
    Most people who get communicable diseases, even in unclean 3rd world countries, have pre-existing conditions which have horribly weakened their immune system.
    My thoughts, Cena

  14. Thank you so much, Mary & Cena. My husband is so funny…he just basically tells me to make my mind up. He he says, either way, God is in control and His will shall be done. He suggests I become as knowledgeable as possible and make the best decision based on that knowledge. That sounds great, but is much easier said than done. I don’t have a gut decision on this yet, but it is looking as though I will not vaccinate. I have decided against the flu shot for Lydia. As for the MMR, she has a bit of a cold now and I think it unwise to vaccinate her with a cold (although my pediatrician said she’d be fine). Last night it occured to me that toddlers need 2 MMR shots and she’d only have time for 1 before Frankie returns from Moldova… that means she wouldn’t have immunity anyway. Also, we’re leaving for SC this weekend, so there’s no time to vaccinate her before he leaves and returns. Frankie has been vaccinated, so there’s no reason to think he will return with measles, mumps or rubella. And we have several gallons of bleach. Pray that God will give me peace and renewed trust in Him. Really only He can protect Lydia anyway. And thank you ladies again for your time and insight. Good grief…I hope this parenting thing gets easier!!

  15. Cena, I second the advice to bathe in a light bleach bath…I’ve done this too with success to ward off poison ivy and it worked! 😉 Your last paragraph about people from 3rd world countries having weakened immunities makes so much sense…and gives me great peace just to rationalize it out that way. I know my youngest has been the least sick of all my children, and she seems to stand strong against the viruses that attack our family. She’s the only one we haven’t immunized at all.

    Also, my middle daughter recently got an inch+ long piece of wood jabbed into and along the bottom of her foot…I got “lucky” and got an inch of it out, but we had to take her to the dr to get the rest of it…of course, they wanted to give her a tetanus shot, so we let them. But the funny thing was she had never had her kindergarten shots and since she was past age 7, they said she was too old to get them. The RN said it wouldn’t make any difference anyway, she would still be covered from her first two series… I wanted to laugh and ask why then, do we get raked over the coals for not vaccinating, if indeed, it really makes no difference? As it was, I was just glad she wasn’t giving me trouble for not keeping middle daughter up to date.

    Amy, your husband sounds much like mine! It’s nice but also a big responsibility to be trusted so much!

    And don’t worry, parenting does get easier…or rather, we learn a TON on our first couple of kids and realize that there’s not enough time to waste worrying! I remember being paralyzed with fear several times when my firstborn was tumbling off tables and fighting off colds…you are way ahead of me thinking out the vaccination options with your firstborn! I wish I’d known more back then…

  16. LOL it’s funny this post is picking up again because I just made the appt. for Kyle’s last immunization. He alreadyy had the first 3 before I read this so I figured I might as well do the last one. But I agree about the flu shot. I will not do that again for me or my children. I had to do it once in nursing class and that year I was sicker than I have ever been…I got every cold and flu out there!! Both me and DH totally agree with all your comments though (I got him to read them and he was pretty much leaving it up to me then because he wants nothing to do with the shots now after reading this!) I’m glad that he is more open to the more natural way of things. In future with our children we will have to sit down and talk about whether or not we will do the immunizations at all. At least I know for this last set of shots for Kyle to ask them not to give him the chicken pox one (if they do it this time, I don’t know). I was so mad last time when the nurse gave it to him, although it was my fault for not asking first what she was giving him. I had the chicken pox and survived with no horrible side effects!

    And I totally agree with you Cena about the vaccines being more for the people with weakened immune systems that are closer in contact to those diseases in the first place. Most of these diseases are rarely over here anyways so the chances of picking it up are very rare. Plus, I think vaccines were way more useful in the old days where when a person got one of these diseases then they would die from it but nowadays with the technological and medical advances I think that the medical professionals would be more prepared for the diseases, should they happen. I think the medical system should spend a bit more money on prevention of other growing health problems out there.

  17. Oh I hate to be cynical but the prevention angle won’t be researched until there’s billions of dollars to be generated from it. And natural God given ways of healing just aren’t too expensive, many can be grown in a pot on the porch for pennies!
    Mary I’m glad the nurse was so sensible and kind about your daughter. My 3 oldest kids went to Mexico on a missions trip that required a current tetanus booster shot. We decided to go ahead and do it. When we went to get it, my oldest daughter joked that she was an adult technically, they couldn’t put her in a foster home for my lack of proper care. Not really funny. It’s alot of hard decisions to be a responsible parent, and the fear of doing it wrong where it can really matter is tough.
    Praying for our parenting.

  18. LOL I agree about the prevention method not being used until people will make money from it! Isn’t that the truth! And I wish it were more common for Dr.’s to use the naural God-given methods rather than doling out a prescription instantly!

  19. I’ve only recently realized or thought about how much money is being made on prescription drugs…and how simple remedies are too cheap for the “big guns” to bother with, especially as they can’t patent something like hydrogen peroxide, etc. Money screams and with no billions to be made from the natural “cures”, prescription drug companies won’t make them available. I’m just thankful that chiropractic care and other alternative approaches are becoming covered by insurance. And like Cena says, if we really research we can provide our own home remedies for pennies…

    And Geri, the immunization question is definitely an agonizer. My two oldest seem no worse for having had them, but I wonder if they’ll be at higher risk later for auto-immune diseases, which have really become abundant since the use of vaccines became so widespread.

  20. I’ve got an old book called “How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor”…it’s written by a former pediatrician (scary!!) named Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. He goes into detail on more of these things…

  21. I also recommend “How to raise a healthy child” by Mendelsohn. This book helped me so much to feel I wasn’t making decisions ignorantly. I’d look on Amazon.

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