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Geography Fun

I shared a while back that my daughter has been studying up on the states. She loves this, and actually counted her words on the last state report,
Hawaii. Her tally~around 300! Here’s her self-determined method: She outlines the shape of the state and fills it in with colored pencils. Usually she illustrates the state bird and flower, and photocopies a couple of other pictures that spark her interest. Then she reads a couple books on the state and writes a report of all the interesting tidbits, history/scenery/famous peoples.


We’re in the process of transferring all these reports into a photo album…it’s been a great project for her, not only for art and geography but handwriting practice as well! Then the other day, my aunt forwarded a link to a highly addictive geography game for third graders…you drag and click the state names to their place on the map and have only a certain amount of time. It’s a blast, go check it out. (Yeah, you don’t have to be in third grade to enjoy it…) 


 Keep it fun!