June 15, 2024

Geography Fun

I shared a while back that my daughter has been studying up on the states. She loves this, and actually counted her words on the last state report,
Hawaii. Her tally~around 300! Here’s her self-determined method: She outlines the shape of the state and fills it in with colored pencils. Usually she illustrates the state bird and flower, and photocopies a couple of other pictures that spark her interest. Then she reads a couple books on the state and writes a report of all the interesting tidbits, history/scenery/famous peoples.


We’re in the process of transferring all these reports into a photo album…it’s been a great project for her, not only for art and geography but handwriting practice as well! Then the other day, my aunt forwarded a link to a highly addictive geography game for third graders…you drag and click the state names to their place on the map and have only a certain amount of time. It’s a blast, go check it out. (Yeah, you don’t have to be in third grade to enjoy it…) 


 Keep it fun!

15 thoughts on “Geography Fun

  1. Mary, thanks for the advice you gave at my blog about reading the scripture and singing the hymns. This is an excellent idea and a way to help pass away the hours. May God bless you for that!

  2. Would you believe Geography was not a required course in my schools? I am ashamed to say, I couldn’t tell you where certain states are, I have to keep a map on my desk as a reference.

    It is wonderful to see your kids taking an interest! I wish I had.

  3. Nancy, you are so welcome, I only hope I remember it when the time comes for me…

    Leticia, I vaguely remember doing a bit of geography within our history studies, but the most I learned was from playing a wonderful geography game. Wish I could remember the name of it. Our history teacher used to bring it to school (jr high school)and what fun we’d have. However, I think geography should start young…so it has that many more years to make sense. Just memorizing where certain countries are doesn’t leave a lasting impression!

  4. We aren’t into too much geography yet but I just saw a game akin to Twister using the whole world map. I thought it would be a GREAT fun way to learn all the continents and countries. It is going on our Christmas list. I am making a list of all educational things in HOPES they will replace some of the junk that usually goes by the wayside within weeks after being opened!

  5. Jana, tell me more! What’s it called? Sounds great. I just got a new Love to Learn catalog, and am going through it with a pen!

    I hear you on the Christmas list. At least they’ll get educational gifts from their parents, right? ;O)

  6. We’re studying the states as well and I didn’t think of writing a small report for each state. I was going to let them pick a state at the end for a BIG report, but I love the idea of outlining the states and writing something on each state!

    Since we’ve only started and we’re finishing up the New England States, I think I’m going to add this since I’m trying to make their learning more hands on!

  7. Here’s a link: http://www.mindwareonline.com/MWEstore/ProductDetails/ProductDetails.aspx?pid={DF73DB5E-8B76-4F94-9E0F-7592DEEDB9C4}&price=$24.95&Referer=QUICK_SEARCH&Alias=world%20map&_COUNTRY_ID={83F02198-6C32-11D3-811F-0000F80627E2}&_SESSION_ID={8AE00CAC-E45A-4699-A198-9CA88E104A18}&_LKA=632975866761701102
    This site has oodles of great educational stuff. My girls currently fancy themselves detectives and there are tons of mystery solving things as well as lots of brain stretching and just plan fun stuff in this catalog! I could spend a fortune making my kids smart!

  8. OK that link is mega long and may not work…but go to the mind ware website and put map tangle in the search box and you should find it!

  9. Thanks SO much, Jana! I will! You need to write me up a post about all the cool homeschooling sites…I know you’ve sure introduced me to many good ones.

    Gina, glad you shared what you’re doing. Those NE states always get mixed up in my mind…Mass., Conn., etc. This geography game is good for that! I’ve been meaning to start teaching the state capitals as we go, quizzing them at least. Wish we could visit all the states this year…wouldn’t that be nice? My mom did that with us kids, hit all the states except Hawaii and Alaska. Unfortunately, I was only 2 years old. :O) I don’t remember much of that history lesson!

  10. Don’t EVEN tease me like that….we’d drop any plans in a second to host you guys! Wouldn’t that be a blast? The girls would be totally pumped. Well, we can dream can’t we? My gypsy blood has been bubbling up again and I’ve THOUGHT about traveling somewhere with my little people but it just ain’t gonna happen…

  11. Personally, I have been going to hawaii every year since my family bought a time share on maui. I love it. i dont understand how people cant just go once. Io fell in love with it!

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