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Sister Love

There’s nothing like the classic Bing Crosby movie, White Christmas for nudging the ‘sisterly lovins’ at our house (“Sisters, sisters…there were never ever better sisters”). Unless you’re watching, City of […]

There’s nothing like the classic Bing Crosby movie, White Christmas for nudging the ‘sisterly lovins’ at our house (“Sisters, sisters…there were never ever better sisters”). Unless you’re watching, City of the Bees, that is. We were, watching City of the Bees, and towards the end of the 28 minute Moody Science video my youngest became quite squirrelly. Picture our whole family lounging in the master bedroom (where our only TV is located), five people on a queen sized bed with lots of pillows–that’s ten legs by the way–and when one of them is in squirm mode, it can feel like 25!

So my four year old lays half across me, her feet in eight year old’s face, and what does eight year old do? She lightly grabs four year old’s feet. Four year old pulls them back, giggling. “Don’t tickle, please don’t tickle!”

“I’m not going to tickle you,” eight year old murmered, “Lay still and I’ll rub your feet for you.”

Collective “ahhhh” anyone? Smile. That’s the two of them in the picture, by the way. Two buds if I ever saw any. Earlier during the movie, we all had our choice in an after supper dessert of mini candy bars, and of COURSE, four year old’s was gone in a lick and no splits, so she started mooching around, hinting, wanting a bite of someone else’s treat. My bar was history as well–guess she gets her hurry up and eat mentality from me–eleven year old was still disgruntled about a couple of skittles filched by littlest sis earlier in the day. But before youngest could ask, eight year old sat up from her stomach-lounge at the end of the bed and waved her candy bar in the air saying, “Anybody want a bite?”

Youngest practically hurled her little body to the end of the bed, mouth open like a starved birdie. Eight year old was like–“Hang on a minute, don’t take a huge bite now!” But after a teensy bite, eight year old told little sis to go ahead and take a bigger bite.

I love it.

And by the way, bees are pretty fascinating critters too.

How’s the love at your house these days? ‘Tis the season you know. The greatest gift of all originated from a Godly love we can’t fathom, a sacrifice we don’t deserve, and an eternal future so bright if we only believe.

May His love fill you to overflowing, and may it eclipse all the other things so quick to overshadow the reason we celebrate this Christmas. No matter what you’re going through, we have much to be thankful for.

Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas!

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Since about 98% of the bees in a hive are girls, and all are the daughters of the same queen, then that makes a house full of sisters. And wiggly, waggling, squirmy, and “all over each other” pretty well describes the bee bedroom, too. Feeding the young larvae bite sized sticky morsels of sweet treats, now I get the parallel! Your “queen” sized bed . . . is it hexagonal shaped per chance?

Oh, Farmer John, thanks for this laugh, I’m impressed that you found so many parallels to bees! How funny! No, no hexagonal beds in my house! I’ll have to read your comment to the girls…

Still smiling…

What a great shot to add to my personal collection of your girls. Really good and unplanned like. And to top it all off their my great nieces.

Thanks, Colleen! It’s funny, my 8 year old claims to not like her smile in this picture! I love it!

Aunt Ruth, thanks for commenting, I’d share more pics if I had the time…I have so many good ones but they take so long to upload to the blog unless they’re already saved in the right size to post quickly. I’m glad you like this one!

Hee, Leticia, I guess they are! God sure made the sexes different for a reason!

Is it really Christmas season? It’s hard to believe Christmas is next Thursday with all of the house searching and other things that have tried to get into my family’s life right now.

I’ll be really happy when the house move happens and we’re all able to be close again– I feel so detached!

MInTheGap’s last blog post..Blush Undershirt Giveaway!

Hi MIn! Merry Christmas! I can’t imagine how you’re adjusting to everything that’s happening in December for you guys! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mrs. MInTheGap! Hope you have a very blessed Christmas!

Hey Julie, so nice to see you here! I often check out your blog, btw! Aren’t girls a hoot? I think two definitely is company, three’s a crowd when it comes to playtime. Mine do great in pairs, but when they all three try to play together, someone’s ideas/feelings usually get trampled. Maybe we need to get busy and have another to even things out!?! ;O) Have a merry Christmas, Julie!

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