June 15, 2024

Sunday School Every Day

This morning, my six year old revived an old activity, one that’s near and dear to my heart. You see, when she was a toddler, my oldest would play “Sunday School” with her. They’d read a Bible story together, sing Wee-Sing type songs, and do a craft. All on their own with no help from yours truly!

So today, six yo kept two and a half yo happy for over an hour doing the above. She chose to tell her about Jonah (her all time favorite Bible story), taught her some spontaneously made-up hand motions to “Who Did?” (Who did swallow Jonah…), and then got out the construction paper, scissors and stickers. Together, they created a collage of water, palm trees and a huge fish flap, behind which Jonah conveniently stood—in sand or inside the whale—your choice.

It got me to thinking of what a great activity this would be for any young children…to play “Sunday School” with their little siblings. For one thing, my oldest and I got a ton of uninterrupted schoolwork accomplished, and for another, this structured activity pretty much guarantees the promotion of Godly character in both the young instructor and their preschool students! 

As you know, we’ve a houseful of girls, but I was thinking this would be a great activity for those 4-6 year old boys out there also. Start them out young teaching God’s word to a (hopefully) willing audience and maybe it’ll enhance that Biblical leadership that God wants all males to exhibit in their families and churches.

A conversation yesterday really brings home the importance of instilling Godliness into young hearts. I shared with someone a bit of advice my dad had given me. He’d said, “When your mom and I are losing it mentally, read the Bible to us. Sing hymns to us.” Dad had good reason to bring this up.

In his last years, my grandpa suffered from Alzheimer’s. His recall of childhood was amazing, but he rarely recognized his own children. His confusion made the world an uncertain and baffling place.

But Grandpa could quote Psalm 1 word perfect, and his lifelong faith in the Lord never failed him. In the blur, he found solace in God. If that’s not amazing grace, then what is?

So keep that in mind as you train up your little ones. Grow them like that tree in Psalm 1:3,

“And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

You can’t start too young developing this kind of root system in your children. And when you’re the old one, seeing the world from your armchair, that strangely familiar adult (your child?) may be your main tie to that sanity that only comes from God.



14 thoughts on “Sunday School Every Day

  1. That’s such a beautiful post! Wow. So creative and loving. And about your grandfather that’s an awesome testimony. Thanks for sharing!!

    Love in Christ,

  2. What a blessing your post has been for me today. Those Christian roots are so important and I know my children have been blessed by the days that they played Sunday School. My son is presently preparing to be a Pastor at Asbury Theological Seminary and that is a blessing indeed!

  3. Heehee. When my girls were little enough to take baths together, they would play “baptism”.

    We’re still not sure where they got the idea — at the time we were in a Friends church!

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    I appreciate it!

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