Labor Day Traditions

I had no idea what a treat I was in for when I hunted up Erika’s blog after “meeting” her through her comment to one of my posts.

I have to send you her way…be sure to check out her post on Labor Day Traditions, it’s full of great ideas but you need to start now to get a jump on making that day special for the “laborer” in your life!

Anybody have any homemade “daddy gift” ideas to add to the topic? Post them in comments! I know my dh loves food gifts–favorite cookies, a pie or cinnamon rolls…anything with a pic of his girls would make a huge hit…

4 thoughts on “Labor Day Traditions”

  1. How about taking Daddy for a scavenger hunt, one on one? Or a nature hike? Things to do almost rank as special as things to eat.

  2. Very true…and the things they make him could be on the scavenger hunt…maybe the fishing poles and tackle could be conveniently placed by the pasture gate! ;O)

  3. This would put the focus on what the hubby does for the family– too often, I think, the guy-who-brings-home-the-money’s contribution to the family is undervalued!

  4. I think you’re right…and it’s too bad. I think over the years, we wives still appreciate what our husbands do, but maybe get lazy about showing it…
    I remember when I said I’d never put the kids before my man. Shaking my head…hmmm.

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