Monday, Monday

Who says Mondays have to be a drag?


Actually, they sometimes are in this household. Sundays wear us out, between commuting the half hour to SS/church and back four times, and a late evening due to Awana. And I felt like my Council Time (Awana devotion) was kind of a flop. Add the fact that I didn’t have a chance to complete the Weekend Kindness…well, you get the picture.


However, getting out in the fresh country air first thing in the morning does wonders for one’s outlook, and thanks to our newest critter—a bucket calf—we get this kind of brisk wake-up each morning!


The girls were so cooperative with their schoolwork that we got done with most of the “teacher” intensive stuff by 10 A.M. Then we tore into the living room, dusting, mopping, organizing. It was an attack of the clean-the-ceiling-fan variety. (We run our ceiling fan year round and I sometimes forget it’s up there!)


Then dh called and asked me to marinate steaks so we could grill, and translated, that means, thaw whatever meat you can so we can grill till the coals aren’t hot anymore… I didn’t have any buns, so I quickly got some whole wheat bread dough going and made homemade hamburger buns. While I was at it, I did four loads of laundry and made two peach pies. I’m going to attempt to freeze one of them…we’ll see if it’s any good next week when I thaw it and finish baking it!


While grilling, we used up the last of our leftover fourth of July sparklers and just now at almost ten o’clock I got everyone bathed and in bed.


I just love days when there’s a purpose to every single minute! It makes relaxing with my Deanne Gist book that much better!


What are you reading these days?

14 thoughts on “Monday, Monday”

  1. Wow, it sounds like you had a full day indeed! This weekend we just tried to relax after all of the stress that’s been going on!

    I’ve picked up my Psalms commentary again. Don’t have much time for any other “dead-tree” books with an evangelistic conference going on!

  2. What a busy day! I cannot imagine our life with a child, much less more than one child. You’re an inspiration!!
    I’d love any info you have on raising Godly children (books, websites, whatever). You mentioned Growing Kids God’s Way…anything else you can advise?
    The only books I’ve been reading lately are labor and delivery prep books. I start reading “Calm My Anxious Heart” and “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” recently though.

  3. What a busy day! I cannot imagine our life with a child, much less more than one child. You’re an inspiration!!
    I’d love any info you have on raising Godly children (books, websites, whatever). You mentioned Growing Kids God’s Way…anything else you can advise?
    I started reading “Calm My Anxious Heart” and “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” recently.

  4. Amy, I can’t imagine life without children! I remember being in your place though…looking in the empty back seat, and rubbing my baby-belly fondly. Asking dh, can you believe we’re going to have a child back there soon? An amazing thing. We are so blessed to be able to have children, amen? :O)

    I’ve never heard of Calm My Anxious Heart, but have heard good things about the other you mentioned. I’ll come by your site and answer your GKGW questions more thoroughly…dh and I definitely think it the way to go, starting in the hospital after birth! I highly recommend it, but at the same time, realize many people don’t! I can only tell you what worked for us.

    Thanks for coming by!

    You too, MIn, long time no see! Didn’t realize you had a conference going on…

  5. Homemade buns?!!! Wow! Now I am really impressed and quite frankly, jealous! My rolls or anything I try to bake never, ever comes out. Ask my friend Aimz, she is quite familiar with my cooking mishaps.

  6. Amy, it will grow on you, I promise. The day you hold your first-born in your arms the world will change completely, your old priorities will crumble and you will never more be able to understand life without this little bundle of joy.
    It is step-by-step journey, never a day without surprises, always lots of joy and work of love.
    I have two boys and my hands full, plus a full-time job as a teacher. Never a dull moment 🙂
    You will manage fine, Sister.

  7. What a lot of great comments! Thank you all for making my day by stopping by and sharing!

    Leticia, maybe it’s your yeast’s fault…that’s what I say…blame it on the yeast!

    And yes, if you all haven’t discovered RaisingGodlyTomatoes then you’re MISSING OUT. It’s the best forum ever about sooo many different things…great place to grow and to grow…godly plants! (children) :O)

  8. That’s great you made home made hamburger buns! I think I might have to try that! And I agree with everyone who said that after you have a child you can’t imagine life without them…I could never go back to my life before…I am so happy now! As busy and as hard as it can be sometimes, there’s always the end of the day when I have my Little Angel nestled up against me in bed and I realise that none of the other stuff matters…just him! It is the most rewarding and peaceful time of my day!

  9. There is nothing like it! And my baby is growing up too fast! I want another one! 😉 I’d have to convince dh though, he’s happy with 3!

  10. LOL…I have the opposite problem-well sorta. We started out with the idea of 4. Then DH wanted more after LO was born and I wanted less. Now I want more than 4 and DH has settled with 4. I think by the time we get to 4 though he will want more. I know he just wants more now and by that time I think he would consider more.

  11. Fun. We also wanted 4…back before we had any! Then once we had two, dh really regretted not having more free time to spend with them, so he wanted to be DONE! About 2 years went by and our oldest started praying every night for a little baby. Talk about convicting! Dh agreed one more would be nice. So we had our third little “answer to prayer”. Maybe I should get the girls to praying again!

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