Thanksgiving Tradition

As I made my desserts in prep for today’s feast at my big sister’s house, I thought about all the times loving hands had prepared these same recipes.

Aunt Lilly’s pie crust has probably been around half a century at least…will my daughters and grand-daughters be making it fifty years from now? Fun thoughts like the above danced through my head as I assembled a cherry pie.

Then, there’s the fabulous Chocolate Cream Roll…seen by my other big sister on a 1979 cover of Family Circle magazine and rated #1 most requested birthday cake in our family ever since! This is the first year I’ve attempted to make the confection, and it’s quite the production! (I need more practice!) Not your typical “jelly roll” cake, each layer has a bit of brewed coffee from the cake to the whipped cream filling, to the chocolate satin frosting. Yum doesn’t begin to describe it.

Trying a new recipe this year, thanks to my mom. It’s a hot dish–sweet potatos and bananas under a crumbly brown sugar-pecan topping. Mmm.

What food says Thanksgiving to you?

Today’s my day to post at Writer…Interrupted. I do hope you’ll go on over there and read my “Thanksgiving Ties” post. Maybe it will give you some fun ideas for keeping the kiddos happy pre-dinner, and the adults happy post-dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving. May it be a memorable one.

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tradition”

  1. We did our third year of our new family tradition…Norwegian lefse making! It is definitely an art form and we want our children to grow up knowing how. So far the girls are very adept “flippers” while G’ma and Dad are the only ones who can roll it to thin perfection. What do I do, you ask? I am in charge of making the batter…and ever since finding a recipe using potato FLAKES rather than peeling, cooking and ricing 20 lbs of potatoes, I think I have the easy end of the job!

    Some year you all should head up and join us! Take this tradition back home and impress all those hillbillies! 🙂

  2. Excuuuse me? Hillbillies are from Kentucky…or Tennessee.

    But I WISH I could come up and join you. I’m always up for new and exciting foods/traditions. Lefse would be a great excuse. Lutefisk on the other hand…Uff dah!

    Love you so much friend, and hope you and your many many loved ones have the best day possible!

  3. I would love the recipe to that chocolate cream roll. I remember as a little girl my mom used to buy these frozen chocolate/ice-cream cake roll thing, yummy. They were discontinued and never had them since.

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