Thanksgiving Lore

My favorite Thanksgiving story is the one about Squanto and God’s sovereign plan for his life.

It’s proof that if you rely only on public school textbooks, you’ll miss many fascinating truths about history. My friend and I were just discussing this the other day. History isn’t sacred anymore. Textbook writers are too “politically correct”.


A couple years ago, my dh heard this incredible story on Christian radio. The Squanto story. Intrigued, I did some research and found corresponding info online. Did you know that God prepared Squanto, years in advance, to be just the one the Pilgrims needed their first years in America? It’s an amazing story, one well worth sharing round the table tomorrow.

Dr. Ralph F. Wilson of, in Squanto: God’s Special Indian, writes the true story of how God prepared Squanto for the Pilgrims.

It almost seemed that a plan had led him. The first time he was captured he learned English. The second time, he was freed by gentle Christians who taught him to trust in Jesus. And though his own people had died of sickness, God had sent him to a new people who built their colony where his old village once stood.

Can you imagine the Pilgrims’ suprise at being greeted by an Indian who:

  1. Spoke English?
  2. Knew Jesus as his personal Savior?
  3. Felt that God had given him a “new family” in these people who needed guidance so badly? 

It’s an amazing story, I hope you go print it off and read it to your family this holiday.

Some intriguing facts about the article:

This account is based on historical facts found in primary sources such as William Bradford’s Journal, Capt. John Smith’s The Generall Historie of New England, and Sir Ferdinando Gorges’ Brief Narration, and numerous secondary sources.

Our Christian heritage is a very cool thing.

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Lore”

  1. No surprise that we share the same favorite again! 🙂 It was interesting this year because we have a Christian based story book of Squanto that we read each year but added a longer chapter book (from a secular book source which I’m sure you can guess the name!) for L to read on her own. After she read it, I asked asked her if his faith was mentioned at all and she said no. Good lesson on how important facts are “left out” these days!

  2. What a great resource to share this Thanksgiving! Thanks! We watched the movie Squanto last year, and the story was so amazing that we did our own research on Squanto’s life. The movie version wasn’t 100% accurate, but it was a starting place to learn about what really happened!

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