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It’s a Hard Rock Country Life

My dad likes to say that God intended for man to live the agricultural lifestyle. After all, cities were first mentioned in relation to Cain’s destination after murdering Abel. Right? […]

My dad likes to say that God intended for man to live the agricultural lifestyle. After all, cities were first mentioned in relation to Cain’s destination after murdering Abel. Right? So I embrace the country life…it’s a healthy, wholesome, back-breaking way of life…

Think of the pioneers, and how they toiled carving the land into their own little chunks of heaven.Early Spring Flowers, Fence Post, TX

My topic today is on post-hole digging, because that’s what hubby and I did yesterday. The main deck stands, built and railed. We’re now ready to start on the “play area” which will extend from the main deck. Starting place? Four more post-holes coming up…wish it were as easy as it sounds.

Digging post holes is hard work, especially in our yard! Dig about nine inches down and you inevitably hit rock. Dh is an old hand at this, in fact, he’s built a T-shaped, taller-than-me, back rock breaker that when heaved high enough and slammed into the ground–rock pieces dent, then puff powder, and eventually break into pieces that you can fish out with what we call “jobbers”. Two or more feet (however much of this you can take)

down into the ground and you can finally set the 4×4″ post, level it, and pour concrete…

We did this for hours. Taking turns with the tools. Seeing who could get their hole the deepest. Marital bonding. Really!

Sore shoulders and back aside, another benefit to country life is that your children grow up unafraid of getting their hands dirty.

Example: My toddler brought an earthworm to me, and while watching it twine around her index finger she said: “Isn’t it so cute, Mommy?”

Yes, it’s the hard rock life for us.

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Sounds like a lot of hard work. I think it’s great how you and hubby share those chores together!

I think I would have to have been one of those pampered deputantes in the pioneer days. I can’t cook, and washing is the worst chore for me and I am not one to back down in an argument, however, the staying home part and raising and teaching my kids would have been marvelous. hee.

It’s great that you and your hubby both know how to do these things! Imagine if you didn’t. Good quality time. Well, quality time. Time?

BTW, I tagged you for 8 random things! Must come to my blog and see the rules. 🙂

Leticia, I’m all for the pampered lady of the manor lifestyle…but we really did have fun together, and when I think about the good times that solidified us as a couple over the years, many of them have that same theme of working hard together. It’s so satisfying to be on the same page that way. But as for being a pioneer, yikes. I’d be whining on the second trip out to the well…

Georgiana, 8 random things…okay! I’m up…I checked out your blog and will post something soon! Thanks for the nomination. 🙂

My son would love the country life, as would I. The other day at PawPaw’s, (in the suburbs) he came to the front door, hands dirty and grimy, and said “look Mommy I found an ewwy gooey!” It was an earthworm all slimy twisting on HIS little four year old fingers. When he said “ewwy gooey” he wasn’t even wrinkling his nose! LOL… just thought it was the greatest find!

I want some hard work marital bonding too!!

Maybe one day the Lord will bless us with a farm.

Mrs. Meg Logan

I hope He does, Mrs. Meg L, it’s such a blessing to be your own neighbor (Don’t get me wrong, I do love the privacy, but would love a homeschooling mom to move in the proximity!), to have a little bit of land to call your own. I love how easy it is to find real and meaningful “chorework” for our children…things that they find rewarding and that truly help the family to function.

There is nothing like hard work for marital bonding! I am smiling as I type it, as several instances come to my mind…better memories than even the times dh and I have spoiled ourselves with special dates, etc. It’s an amazing concept, but there’s definitely something to it!

BTW, I enjoyed reading your recap of your visit with MInTheGap in real life! Wish I could comment on your blog, will be waiting anxiously for Doug to fix the comments! Thanks for coming by!

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