Aluminum Foil Camping Treats

My mom found some really fun aluminum foil related camp-cooking sites, and I thought I’d share a few ideas here… one of the sites proclaimed aluminum foil as the outdoorsman’s “kitchen in a pocket”! The same site reminds that lining pots and pans with foil when camping makes for easy clean-up! For a list of cooking times for the various “packets” of foods, check out FUNdamentals of Camping.

At Suite 101, a Family Travel article had several great ideas, one I really liked was taking many choices bagged up individually in Ziplocks and letting your children put together their own “meal in a packet”. You could have baggies with potatoes, carrots, onions, browned meat, apples, peaches, sugar, granola, butter…just remember to use non-stick foil, or spray it before hand with cooking spray.

Mmm, an excellent article on “how-to roast potatoes in foil”

For roasted corn on the cob and a Hillbilly Breakfast recipe go here

And here for a great site and some incredible sounding camp breakfasts

And best of all, a wonderful resource with a list of pre-trip must-haves, recipes, plus many other links to sites of this particular interest, go visit The Camping Source’s Outdoor Cooking Tip’s page.

And remember:

  • When cooking directly in the campfire coals, place a second layer of foil around the packet to protect from puncture holes allowing dirt in or steam out!
  • Turn packets with long tongs halfway through cooking.
  • Be careful for escaping steam when opening packets

And yes, I know the dangers of cooking with aluminum foil (that it probably causes cancer and Alzheimer’s) but using it in excess this once hopefully won’t kill us off…

5 thoughts on “Aluminum Foil Camping Treats”

  1. Hey Mary – I loved your moving tips! I’m going to be using some of those!

    I’m NOT a camper – though I’ve camped plenty in my day. Your recipes sound FUN! (And yes, I’m sure that using aluminum for a camping trip is fine! :) No worse than eating dandelion heads once a summer!) :)

    I wanted to let you know that I appreciated the link you gave me to There is some really good info there, which I’ve already passed on to some of my friends. Thank you so much! :)

  2. Thanks for the great tips and links. Hopefully we will get to do more camping this year. Also thanks for stopping by my site and the add.

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