Family Ties

Monday, Monday

Who says Mondays have to be a drag?


Actually, they sometimes are in this household. Sundays wear us out, between commuting the half hour to SS/church and back four times, and a late evening due to Awana. And I felt like my Council Time (Awana devotion) was kind of a flop. Add the fact that I didn’t have a chance to complete the Weekend Kindness…well, you get the picture.


However, getting out in the fresh country air first thing in the morning does wonders for one’s outlook, and thanks to our newest critter—a bucket calf—we get this kind of brisk wake-up each morning!


The girls were so cooperative with their schoolwork that we got done with most of the “teacher” intensive stuff by 10 A.M. Then we tore into the living room, dusting, mopping, organizing. It was an attack of the clean-the-ceiling-fan variety. (We run our ceiling fan year round and I sometimes forget it’s up there!)


Then dh called and asked me to marinate steaks so we could grill, and translated, that means, thaw whatever meat you can so we can grill till the coals aren’t hot anymore… I didn’t have any buns, so I quickly got some whole wheat bread dough going and made homemade hamburger buns. While I was at it, I did four loads of laundry and made two peach pies. I’m going to attempt to freeze one of them…we’ll see if it’s any good next week when I thaw it and finish baking it!


While grilling, we used up the last of our leftover fourth of July sparklers and just now at almost ten o’clock I got everyone bathed and in bed.


I just love days when there’s a purpose to every single minute! It makes relaxing with my Deanne Gist book that much better!


What are you reading these days?